Finally, a Good MO Journalist! Staff
by Staff
Finally, a motorcyle journalist who gets it! To every motorcycle journalist out there, remember this from a paying subscriber. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU! I could care less about the beer you drink, the food you eat, or the lack of sleep you get when you go ride a new bike at a press release. I don't care about your wives or girlfriend(s) or anything else in your life. I gave you MY MONEY because I want to FEEL what it's like to ride a bike I'll never get the chance to ride. I'm interested in the bikes, not you or your clever personalities. God bless you Yossef!

Dang, aren't we a little pissy today? Oops, there we go again, proffering opinions. Sorry, Mr. Friday, just the facts.

Flame on, MOFos!

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