BMW Sales Jump

Press Release from BMW:

BMW Motorrad USA posted a 64 percent gain in first quarter retail sales this year over the same period in 2002. Monthly retail sales for January, February and March reached record levels of 4011 motorcycles, while sales for February 2003 nearly tripled over February sales last year.
The surge in BMW motorcycle sales is fueled by the recent introduction of the K 1200 GT tourer and R 1100 S BoxerCUP Replika in addition to the popularity of the R 1150 R Roadster and the R 1150 RT. The top-selling model, year-to-date, is the K 1200 LT followed by the R 1150 RT. Third and fourth most popular model sales were the F 650 series and the R 1150 GS. States reporting the highest volume of BMW motorcycle sales, year-to-date, are California, Florida, Texas and New York.

"We are extremely pleased with our performance this year, particularly in light of ongoing uncertainties." commented Thomas J. Plucinsky, General Manager BMW Motorrad USA, a division of BMW of North America, LLC.
According to Mr. Plucinsky, the sustained success of BMW motorcycles in the United States can be attributed to balanced strength across the entire model line, increasing authority motorcycle sales to law enforcement agencies around the country, and the growing popularity of the R 1100 S BoxerCup Replika and BMW Motorrad BoxerCup race series. Last year, the company posted its sixth consecutive year of record sales, launching four new models and becoming the first motorcycle manufacturer to introduce a Certified Pre-Owned Motorcycle Program.
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