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Based off of my own frustration with finding any data on tire life and inspired by the earlier post asking for tire reccomendations, I propose to write a system for MO to track people's tire usage.

Pretty simple thought really. I'm a profession J2EE programmer, so this is the type of stuff I do all the time. I wanted a site that I could go to and see what sort of usefull life people are getting out of different tires for different bikes and ridding styles.

Problem would be this- how do we keep someone from totally f'ing the results to show their favorites. The answer is to only allow people we trust enter their data. So I figured if we only made the entry available to MO subscribers, we would get a decent cross section of the motorcyle population and some decent data.

The UI would be pretty basic, I'm a coder, not a web designer. All we'd need from MO is a server to host it on, and a link to get to it after you login. Well, and since I'm a J2EE guy, they have to install MySQL (or another DB) and Tomcat but I can walk them through that.

The end product would be that after a few months (or more) you would be able to search the results and see what sort of milage people are getting on specific tires with a break down of their claimed ridding styles and motorcycles.

What do you say MO?

We say write it in PHP/MySQL and you've got a plan. Almost all the functions/classes are there to easily do it. Why stop at tires, why not ad a "category" to the user-rating system and let people rate whatever they want. The idea of trusted users is good -- for each subscriber, we've verified their name and address, and we've found people are much, much "better" when you know who they are and where they live. So that's good. But we'd think some type of proof of purchase would be need to prevent people from flaming off against products/brands they don't like...

In all, an interesting idea, similar to how we're going to launch Bicycle.Com too.

--The MORons

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