Rubbermount Harley Sportster for 2004!

In 2004 Harley Davidson will release their new Sportster, dubbed the "Trevster" after it's recently deceased designer Trev Deeley.

The bike will feature Trev's own frame and rubber mounting system which he had offered to Harley Davidson years ago. Harley Davidson has been sitting on this one and was prepared to release the rubber mount Sporty in 2003 but with Trev Deeley's untimely death in March of last year and all the hype of the 100th Anniversary year HD thought it best to save this bike for 2004 and release it as a significant tribute to Trev and everything he gave to "The Motor Company". As far as I know the same Evolution powerplants will be in the 2004 Trevsters with no change in engine at least for this year. I was hoping that the new liquid cooled pushrod OHV engine Harley has been working on would make it's debuts as well in 2004 in the Sporster line up but it looks like that will have to wait for at least one more year.

If you don't know who Trev Deeley #22 is shame on you! Trev Deeley's contribution to motorcycling was and is prolific and astonishing. His unique perspective as the only non American's to sit on the Board of Directors at "The Motor Company" helped get Harley Davidson on track after the AMF buy back. You can check out more about Trev at the Canadian Harley Davidson web page and if you're ever in Vancouver, Canada a stop at Trev's motorcycle museum is an absolute must. There are all kinds of bikes to see, from Bruffs to vintage Yamahas and Harley Davidsons. These machines have all been restored and are ready to be admired (bring a camera and expect to stay longer than you planned).

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