I Need MOpinions on What Cruiser to Buy

Greetings, fellow MOrons and MOfos alike. I currenty own, ride, and love a 2001 SVS. I will be getting quite the cushy summer job, and I will be looking for a cruiser to satisfy my inner Bo and Luke Duke in corners, and to quench my thirst for low-down funk (aka torque). I just started craving a cruiser a couple months ago, but I won't be getting rid of my SV.

To give y'all a modi***** of perspective on what I'm looking for, and what kind of styling lights my fire, I nearly starting humping a Shadow Spirit 750 in the local dealership a couple days ago. I want something with power, however. I think I could love a Black Road Star Warrior like Marvin Gaye could love a good woman.
I only have about 4-5 grand to spend, and I'm pretty handy with motors, so if I you all could come up with some ideers for a used, chopper type cruiser, likely to be found for around 4-5 grand, and with some potential to get some funk out of the motor, I'd be appreciative
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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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