New Engine for Triumph Adventure Models

Long-stroke three-cylinder engine announced

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Aug. 04, 2010
Triumph has released the second in a series of videos teasing its new Adventure models.

The first video was released in July, along with the news Triumph is developing two models to slot into its Adventure line alongside the Tiger.

The new video, also available on the Triumph Adventure website, confirms the two models will use a new long-stroke three-cylinder engine. The video describes the engine as “refined and smooth when you’re on-road” and “plenty of torque that does the business off-road.”

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Accompanying the launch of the second video, Triumph sent out the following email:

We know secrets are difficult to keep, but we’ll trust you with ours...

Adventure bikes have to carry out a whole range of roles with minimum fuss. That's why Triumph has been busy ensuring its latest pair of young cubs will set a new standard when they’re introduced later this year.

We think a triple is the best configuration for an adventure bike. It’s compact and has a natural character that ideally suits a wide range of duties. Our long stroke engine will deliver smooth, controllable torque for both tricky off-road riding and the urban jungle...but with the higher rpm characteristics that just devour on-road miles.

A triple is also more refined than a twin, which means that the bike is less tiring and less intrusive on the open road. So you can just relax and enjoy the trip.

Keen-eyed readers will notice the phrase “latest pair of young cubs” in the email, fueling speculation that Triumph may revive the name “Tiger Cub”. Triumph is expected to release more information about the two models’ chassis on Sept. 1.

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