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Name the new KTM streetbike and win one

Naked beginner bike confirmed as early 2011 model
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jun. 21, 2010
KTM is holding a contest to name its new streetbike, with the person providing the chosen name getting one of the very first models.

Based on the concepts first unveiled at the 2009 EICMA show in Milan as the KTM 125 Project, the new KTM naked motorcycle is the first of a new line of beginner models from the Austrian manufacturer. KTM is preparing the new bike as an early 2011 model, but first it needs a new name.

Suggestions are accepted through the new beginner streetbikes official Facebook page. KTM will select one to be the name of the new bike. The person who proposed the name will win one of the new bikes with a special one-off graphic.

KTM displayed two versions of the 125 concept, a Race version and a Stunt version. Both variants are powered by a fuel-injected 125cc DOHC four-valve engine, with a claimed output of 15 hp.

name the new ktm streetbike and win one, The Race version of KTM s yet to be named 125cc streetbike
The "Race" version of KTM's yet-to-be-named 125cc streetbike.
name the new ktm streetbike and win one, The Stunt version of KTM s 125 Project Don t be surprised if KTM has a few other variations planned
The "Stunt" version of KTM's 125 Project. Don't be surprised if KTM has a few other variations planned.

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