MotoVentures offers discount on Yamahas

Coupon worth up to $200 on new motorcycles

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Feb. 10, 2009
MotoVentures Inc. and Yamaha Motor Corp., USA are offering “Factory Cash Back” coupons towards the purchase of new motorcycles.

The coupon, available through MotoVentures, is valid on new Yamaha vehicles purchased from an authorized dealer. The coupon will redeem $200 on motorcycles wroth $4,999 and up, and $100 on purchases under $4,999.

MotoVentures customers can redeem the coupon with proof of purchase to receive their factory cash back by mail.

MotoVentures if offering coupons good toward the purchase of new Yamaha bikes such as the WR450F.A it bike training company, MotoVentures has provided dirt bike rider training and dual sport tours for 10 years, using Yamaha motorcycles exclusively since 2004.

MotoVentures’ fleet of Yamahas includes 10 models total, from the small TTR bikes to the WR450F, all friendly electric-start, four-strokes.

MotoVentures customers are often beginners who need to purchase everything to start riding on their own. This coupon should encourage them to get good instruction with MotoVentures and also encourage them to make their first bike a Yamaha.

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