MotoGP moving to 1000cc in 2012

800cc era coming to an end

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Dec. 11, 2009
MotoGP will increase its maximum engine capacity to 1,000cc by the 2012 season.

The series Grand Prix Commission officially confirmed the change at a meeting at the International Motorcycling Federations headquarters in Geneva.

The meeting included discussions between governing body the FIM, promoter Dorna Sports and the Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers Association. The Commission agreed to increase the engine capacity limit to 1,000cc from the current 800cc. The Commission also introduced a limit of four cylinders with a maximum bore of 81 mm.

The main changes we have decided on are new rules for the MotoGP class. We will have four cylinder engines, 4-stroke of course, with a 1,000cc maximum, and the bore of the cylinders will be 81mm, says Vito Ippolito, FIM president. This base will give all the manufacturers the opportunity to start work. At the beginning of next year we will produce the new rules in a more complete format, but that is the basis; 2012 will be the year of a new era of MotoGP.

MotoGP engine supply rules were also tweaked. For 2010, full-time riders will be limited to six engines for the whole season. Manufacturers will be allowed two additional engines exclusively for wild card riders.

The Grand Prix Commission also amended the official rulebook to establish regulations for the Moto2 class for the upcoming 2010 season.

Grand Prix motorcycle racing classification timeline
Years Classes
2012 and beyond 1000cc (MotoGP), 600cc (Moto2), 125cc
2010-2011 800cc (MotoGP), 600cc (Moto2), 125cc
2007-2009 800cc (MotoGP), 250cc, 125cc
2002-2006 990cc (MotoGP), 250cc, 125cc
1990-2001 500cc, 250cc, 125cc
1984-1989 500cc, 250cc, 125cc, 80cc
1983 500cc, 250cc, 125cc, 50cc
1962-1982 500cc, 350cc, 250cc, 125cc, 50cc
1955-1961 500cc, 350cc, 250cc, 125cc
1949-1954 500cc, 350cc, 250cc, 125cc, Sidecar (500cc)