Moto3 Rules Released

Four-stroke 250cc class to debut in 2012

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Nov. 08, 2010, Photography by GEPA pictures
The International Motorcycling Federation released technical regulations for the upcoming Moto3 class.

The new Moto3 class, set to replace the 125cc Grand Prix class in 2012, will use single-cylinder 250cc four-stroke engines.

Unlike the Moto2 class which uses spec 600cc engines from Honda, the Moto3 class is open to different engine suppliers.

Moto3 engines will be limited to a maximum bore of 81mm while oval pistons will be prohibited. Engines will be restricted to 14000rpm. Valves will be limited to a maximum of four, and they may not be actuated by pneumatic or hydraulic systems. Variable valve timing and variable valve opening systems are also banned.

Engine costs will also be limited with a cap of 12,000 euro per unit, including any upgrades. Engine manufacturers will be required to supply enough engines and spare parts to support at least 15 riders, with each rider allowed up to eight engines per season. Any engine updates or upgrades must be made available to all potential customers.

Marc Marquez 2010 125cc grand prix champion

Electronics will also be limited to a spec ECU. Teams will use the same hardware and software, but will be able to select tuning options included in the software. Throttles must also be mechanically operated, so no ride-by-wire technology will be allowed.

Moto3 chassis must be prototypes in design and construction and the combined weight of rider and motorcycle must total at least 148 kg (326.28 pounds).

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