KTM Teases Freeride Electric Prototype

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
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KTM teases Freeride electric prototype

Zero-emission motorcycle to be unveiled in Tokyo
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 16, 2010
KTM will reveal two zero-emission motorcycle prototypes at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, March 26.

Codenamed Freeride, the prototypes represent KTMs first zero-emission motorcycle. KTMs official website features teaser images of the two prototypes, a supermoto model and an enduro. The first image below is the teaser picture for the orange enduro model while the second one has been lightened in PhotoShop to reveal some of the details hidden in the shadows.

KTM is revealing little else in the way of details at the moment, but the manufacturer released some information in October 2008 about the development of the prototype. At the time, KTM said the new bike was a ready to race sport enduro, weighing under 200 lb. with the performance of a small displacement combustion motorcycle.

ktm teases freeride electric prototype, KTM s website features this teaser image of the Freeride prototype
KTM's website features this teaser image of the Freeride prototype.
ktm teases freeride electric prototype, The same image lightened in PhotoShop reveals more details
The same image, lightened in PhotoShop, reveals more details.

Its now been a year and a half since the first details were first released, but it may not be much longer before the Freeride enters production, as KTM is describing the Freeride as being near-series prototypes.

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