Inaugural Alternative Motorsport Film Fest Docks In Long Beach

Inaugural Alternative Motorsport Film Fest Docks In Long Beach

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Nov. 01, 2007

It would seem that the world of "extreme" motorsports is here to stay, at least as it relates to motorcycles. We've all seem them. The Crusty Demons of Dirt videos and the Las Vegas Extreme motorcycle stunt team must seem like retirement home material these days considering the proliferation of sportbike stunting and similar anti-culture antics. You can find hundreds if not thousands of homemade videos of all sorts of just such things across the Internet. No, it seems it can't be stopped.

As a matter of course, then, a natural extension of the growth of this subculture-turned-mainstream branch of motorcycling is what Premier Parties is calling the "first-ever Alternative Motorsport Film Fest" showcasing new holiday releases with live music, producers, directors, riders and stars of freestyle motocross and sportbike stunting. Impact Video Distributing and World Moto team up to create this event combining a film festival format with a party atmosphere aboard the world famous Queen Mary Ship November 9-10, 2007.

inaugural alternative motorsport film fest docks in long beach

This event marks the inaugural festivities of Long Beach Speed Week, which is hoped to become "an annual week-long celebration of alternative motorsports and the culture that surrounds it." Ever optimistic, organizers expect that the Queen Mary-based event "will grow throughout Long Beach and include racing, pro and amateur competitions, demonstrations, art exhibits, music, lifestyle events, and of course the annual Alternative Motorsport Film Festival."

This years event will feature many of the upcoming blockbuster motorsports hits slated for release this holiday season. They will be playing in the Impact Video Theater on the Queen Mary from Noon till 6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 9th and Noon to 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov 10th. For the evening premieres, the Queen Mary ballroom will be transformed into a major party spot called Club Impact. The evening events will be a total party atmosphere where several of the hottest films of this holiday season will be premiered followed by huge after-party sessions with rock bands that "are sure to blow you away."

Friday night (Nov. 9th) starting at 7 p.m. will be the Sportbike Premiere Night. Top sportbike freestyle films showing will include "Uptown 2: Our Crazy Nation" starring Team Logic. Also showing will be the "XDL Vegas Highlights" featuring the best U.S. stunt riders competing in the XDL US Stunt Riding Championship Finals. This will be followed up with a brand new title of one of the most successful film series in sportbike stunting, "Get on Up #4:United We Stunt, starring Sportbike stunting great, Jason Britton of Speed Channel Super Bikes fame. Then Club Impact cuts loose with the hard-driving sounds of one of Southern Californias hottest rock bands, After Midnight Project.

Saturday night (Nov. 10th) starting at 7 p.m. will be the Dirtbike Premiere Night. Busting out of the gate of Club Impact will be the world premiere of "Redbull Romaniacs," produced by Throttle Productions. This film chronicles a five-day race set against the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. It is a race that is so brutal that less than a handful manage to finish it at all.

The next world premiere film for the evening is "On the Pipe #4:Another Score." This film comes from one of the best and most successful motorsports filmmakers of all time, Jay Schweitzer of Powerband Productions, and stars Robbie Madison, Ronnie Renner, Todd Potter and features Ricky Carmichael.

The evening will be capped off with the ever-popular sounds of your favorite band, The Red Elvises. Club Impact, World Moto and Long Beach Speed Week will go into history with this ground-breaking event.

LBSW Ticket price is $10.00 per day and includes entrance to the Queen Mary, Impact Video Theater and the evening premiere at Club Impact.

Special Long Beach Speed Week room rates at the Queen Mary are available at $99.00

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