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H-D presents new line of eyewear

Enhanced Vision System increases range of vision

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Apr. 25, 2008
Harley-Davidson has a line of performance sunglasses with features designed for the motorcycle enthusiast.

With lenses produced by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens, Harley-Davidson offers three lines of eyewear, each offering a different degree of features.

“Eyewear is a critically important part of riding,” says Matt Thompson, manager of riding gear, leathers and outerwear for Harley-Davidson. “Riders expect their eyewear to protect, provide optimal clarity, be comfortable and look good. Until now, it’s been nearly impossible to find products that can be versatile, yet meet the needs of every motorcyclist.”

All Harley-Davidson sunglasses are impact resistant, offer 100%  protection from ultra-violet rays, and contain anti-reflective properties to reduce glare. The lenses are also hydrophobic to repel water, fog, dust and oil.

To provide riders with a clear field of vision, Harley-Davidson’s eyewear features a patented Enhanced Vision System (EVS). While traditional lenses have an 80 degree field of vision, EVS allows for a 20 per cent increase to provide a wider cone of vision with little distortion.

The Classic Series of Harley-Davidson eyewear comes with fixed foam padding and a microfiber bag. It retails for US$35.

A step up is the Custom Series which offers additional features such as interchangeable lenses for day and night use, higher quality frame materials and Italian craftsmanship. Custom Series eyewear ranges in price from $75 to $95.

Ranging from $100 to $125 is the Performance Series for those who want top-of-the-line features. Performance Series glasses come with a hard case and eyewear leash. The mid-frame foam is removable to convert the glasses from being a piece of protective eyewear to a more casual look.

Harley-Davidson’s performance eyewear is available at dealerships nationwide.