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Friday the 13th rally seeks record

Town attempts to establish Guinness record

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jun. 16, 2008
An estimated 30,000 motorcycles attended a rally at Port Dover, Ont. on June 13 in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record.

The Friday the 13th rally in the Norfolk County town on Lake Erie is the first recognized attempt at setting a Guinness record for the largest one-day motorcycle rally. To qualify, event organizers needed to provide an accurate count of attendees. A minimum count of 10,000 bikes was required to establish a new record. Norfolk County officials say almost 12,000 motorcycles were given numbered tags.

We estimate that more than 30,000 motorcycles visited Port Dover as part of this event, based on feedback from our dedicated team of volunteers who assisted with the count at several checkpoints around the town, says Clark Hoskin, manager of tourism and economic development for Norfolk County.

Motorcycle enthusiasts from across North America rode into Port Dover for the rally. Many said that they came because they wanted to set the record.

We will be preparing the package for the Guinness World Record organization in the coming days and submitting our information so the numbers are unofficial right now, says Hoskin. Port Dover is the first community hosting a motorcycle event where an official Guiness World Record has been attempted.

The rally has been a Port Dover tradition since 1981 when founder Chris Simons and 25 friends gathered in Port Dover on Friday, Nov. 13. Since then, a rally has been held every Friday the 13th, regardless of the season. The next rally will be held in February, 2009.