Erik Buell Continues to Tease Streetbike Staff
by Staff
Erik Buell Racing has released another image of its upcoming streetbike.

The new image, released on the Erik Buell Racing Facebook page, shows the bike stripped down without its fairing. The new streetbike, to be called the EBR 1190RS, is based on the 1190RR race bike.

The 1190RR uses a 72-degree V-Twin engine claiming 185hp at 11500 rpm and 93 ft-lb at 9500rpm, while weighing 360 pounds (wet, no fuel). The street version will have all the necessary road-legal equipment including a different exhaust. It will also weigh more than the race bike, but the photograph shows it will still have a lot of carbon fiber components. A close look at the wheel also shows a rim-mounted brake.

erik buell continues to tease streetbike

An official unveiling is expected either at the upcoming Dealer Expo in Indianapolis or at the Daytona Bike Week where Erik Buell will be the featured speaker at the Breakfast for Daytona fundraiser.

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