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Engine recall for Aprilia RSV4

Replacement engines on their way
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jan. 21, 2010
Aprilia USA has sent notices to RSV4 owners of a pending recall requiring a full engine swap.

The recall was initiated by Aprilia Italy and affects a small number of production units, but all RSV4 motorcycles sold in the U.S. will be included in the recall. Aprilia did not specifically mention either the RSV4R or RSV4 Factory. Both models use the same engine and are likely both included in the recall. Owners are asked not to ride their RSV4 motorcycles until repairs are completed.

Aprilia Italy discovered during testing a small group of engines produced in a specific time period may contain a component that does not meet quality standards. The part in question was not identified, but Aprilia says the non-compliant part may result in an unacceptable risk of future engine failures.

No warranty claims related to the problem have been reported as yet, but Aprilia has decided to play it safe. Aprilia USA technical representatives will begin contacting RSV4 owners and replacement engines are already in transit to U.S. dealerships.

Aprilia is replacing engines on RSV4 sportbikes sold in the U.S.

A press launch event for the Aprilia RSV4R in October 2009, attended by Motorcycle.com correspondent Tor Sagen, was cut short after five test machines broke down due to engine failure. According to Aprilia, the source of that problem stemmed from a single batch of faulty conrods. At the time, Aprilia said the faulty conrods were not used in any production models, but it will be interesting to learn whether the recall notice is related to the same problem.

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