EICMA 2010: BMW Concept C

BMW announces entry to scooter segment

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Nov. 02, 2010
BMW made a splash at last year’s EICMA show with its Concept 6 prototype featuring a new inline-six engine. This year, BMW introduced another concept, announcing its entry into the maxi-scooter segment.

The German manufacturer unveiled its Concept C at the Milan show, announcing it is planning two maxi-scooter models, and possibly an electric drive model. BMW Motorrad Chief Executive Officer Hendrik von Kuenheim hinted at in a story we published in June.

“You know we have naked bikes, we have endures – we invented basically the enduro segment – we have sport bikes, we have touring bikes, and in each of those segments we have enormous offering, so we’re well covered,” von Kuenheim told our correspondent Jeff Buchanan. “This are really two segments … you call it the scooter market, I call it urban transportation market. Yes, BMW will enter this, and we will enter that market with more than just one model, that is in the relatively near future.”

Even without the badging and the blue highlights, the Concept C is clearly a BMW product.

The BMW Concept C is the first step toward that future. The “C” in this case stands for commuter, and it is designed for the urban environment.

BMW hasn’t said how big an engine the Concept C uses, except to say it is a new inline two-cylinder powerplant with a continuously variable transmission. BMW says power and torque figures will be in the top range of the large scooter segment.

The Concept C uses a number of design features found on other BMW motorcycles. The front uses the “split-face” design found on models such as the S1000RR which also inspired the Concept C’s twin-tipped front spoiler. The bash plates and air intakes however were adopted from BMW’s GS line.

The Concept C uses BMW's familiar "split-face" design.

From the side, BMW avoided the typical scooter’s L-shaped silhouette, giving the Concept C a rising, sweeping shape that more resembles a check mark or the Nike swoosh.

Like most vehicle concepts, BMW added some details that draw attention but are not likely to make it into the final product. This would include the Concept C’s twin radial front disc brakes, blue tires and LED monitors displaying video from twin rear-mounted cameras in lieu of mirrors.

Elements like the rear-view LED screens are unlikely to make it into the final product.

For more pictures, visit our BMW Concept C gallery. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our EICMA 2010 coverage.

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