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Dainese Tattoo racing suit

Design features Samurai and Maori warrior patterns

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Nov. 04, 2008
Protective wear manufacturer Dainese is introducing its new limited edition Tattoo Ykz. Professional Racing suit for 2009.

Like its name implies the new racing suit’s design is based on the art of tattooing. The black racing suit is decorated with a tattoo pattern influenced by Samurai prints and Maori patterns to express what Dainese calls “the spirit of valiant fighters” from the past.

The tattoo design was created by Australian artist Luca Ionesco. The suit is made with a layer of kangaroo skin sandwiched with Lorica leather using an advanced laser technology. The white tattoo designs were formed by cutting away the black outer layer to reveal the white kangaroo skin.

The Lorica is stripped away in certain areas to reveal the white kangaroo skin underneath, creating the tattoo effect.

The Tattoo suit has the same safety features found in all of Dainese’s professional racing suits. Dainese says the kangaroo skin and leather material guarantees excellent mechanical, tear-resistant and anti-abrasive performance while composite protectors offer shock protection.

At the elbows and knees, the Tattoo suit uses Dainese’s patented biaxial elasticated inserts which the company says provides comfort for the joint areas.

Produced in limited quantities, the suit comes with a booklet illustrating the philosophy of Dainese’s Tattoo theme, and membership to an exclusive club.