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Hands-free video camera manufacturer Contour has introduced a new camera offering a wider field of view and external microphone jack.

The new Contour+ camera offers a wider field of view than the company’s ContourGPS or ContourHD cameras. The ContourGPS and ContourHD can capture high-definition 960p and 720p video at a 135 degree field of vision (as well as 1080p video at 110 degrees). The Contour+ however offers 170 degrees of vision at 960p and 720p resolutions and 125 degrees at 1080p. The wide-angle lens can also be rotated from between -90 to180 to film video at different angles, including completely upside down.

According to’s resident video editor Michael Nardi, the wider viewing angle would more closely reflect the field of vision of a human eye, fitting more into a shot, though there may be some fish-eye distortion.

“Nowhere on Earth is off limits to filmmakers and other visual storytellers, but there are plenty of places standard pro cameras can’t go,” says Marc Barros, Contour chief executive officer. “Contour+ delivers high-quality video, audio, location data and streaming capabilities anywhere there’s a story to tell. Today, anyone can be a documentarian or filmmaker, and we’ve created the most affordable way to give pro-sumers, broadcast and filmmakers everything they need to tell incredibly rich stories from right within the action.”

Also new is the 2.5mm external microphone jack for recording live audio and a mini-HDMI output to replay video directly from the camera onto a high-definition screen.

Like the ContourGPS, the Contour+ has a built-in GPS receiver allowing it to track the camera’s location, speed and altitude while filming.

The Contour+ will be available May 18 at $499.99 and it comes with cables, a 2GB SD card and three mounts.

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