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Brammo Announces Six-speed Electric Models

Transmission to debut on four new models

Brammo announced four new models equipped with a six-speed drivetrain, a first for a production electric motorcycle.

The electric motorcycle maker has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Italian engineering company SMRE for its Integrated Electric Transmission. With the IET technology, Brammo can introduce electric motorcycles equipped with six-speed transmission systems and a specially developed clutch and gear shift. According to Craig Bramscher, chief executive officer and founder of Brammo, the IET improves performance and range for electric motorcycles.

“Though a motor has a lot of torque at 1rpm, electric motors like gas motors still have a range they prefer to run to be powerful and efficient, so a gearbox lets you get efficient if you want but also lets you give it all you have,” Bramscher tells’s Jeff Cobb. “It is definitely better, more fun, just like a gas bike, but fast revving and sounds like a jet turbine.”


The IET system will be introduced in four new models to be unveiled May 6 in Las Vegas with two of the models set to compete in the MiniMotoSX:

  • Engage MX - dirt bike competing in MiniMotoSX - anticipated price $9,995.00
  • Engage SMR – Super Moto Racing – anticipated price $9,995.00
  • Engage SMS - Super Moto - anticipated price $11,995.00
  • Encite MMX PRO - mini dirt bike competing in MiniMotoSX - to be determined

As for the Brammo Empulse and Brammo Enertia, Bramscher says the company will evaluate on a case-by-case basis to determine whether the IET technology fits customers’ needs.


Visit our gallery for more pictures of the Brammo Engage and Encite prototypes.

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