BMW introduces Navigator IV GPS

Garmin-produced device comes with four-button cradle

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Aug. 24, 2009
BMW Motorrad has introduced its latest global positioning system, the BMW Navigator IV.

Produced in association with GPS manufacturer Garmin, the BMW Navigator IV is waterproof, features a 4.3 inch display and comes with a custom BMW four-button mount cradle. The map display has a glove-friendly keyboard for easier input.

Stereo Bluetooth connectivity allows for hands-free turn-by-turn directions. The BMW Navigator IV also provides lane assist features, advising the rider on which lanes should be used. BMW Motorrad says the Navigator IV is compatible with over 200 Bluetooth-enabled phones.

Navigation functions provide the option of the shortest, fastest and off-road routes.

The touchscreen display has a large multiple-page keyboard, designed for gloved fingers. The BMW Navigator IV’s trip and compass pages have a graphical fuel gauge that provides an estimate of how much farther the bike can travel before it needs more fuel.

BMW's fourth-generation Navigator comes with a cradle mount with four buttons.

The BMW Navigator IV comes with a MapSource DVD which allows riders to plan their trips on the computer and then upload them to the GPS unit.

Available at BMW motorcycle dealers at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $900.17, the BMW Navigator IV comes with a mount cradle, head unit, carrying case, mount cover, AC chargers, USB cable, MapSource DVD and a three-year warranty.