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BMW campaign features GPS drawings

Riders asked to share their drawings

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jul. 30, 2008
BMW Motorrad has launched a new website that allows riders to upload ‘drawings’ they’ve made using their bikes’ GPS systems.

The new site,, is the latest element of BMW’s ‘Unstoppable’ ad campaign which began with a series of online videos released in June featuring BMW riders Dirk Thelen and Sebastian Klein creating GPS drawings on a F800GS and a F650GS.

In one video, confused spectators watch as Klein weaves his way through traffic and across open plazas in Montevideo, Uruguay. After Klein completes his journey, the video shows the GPS satellite view of his route which spells out the word ‘unstoppable’.

Four-time German Enduro Champion Dirk Thelen drew a bridge across the Uruguay countryside.Another video features Thelen riding through the Uruguay countryside crossing fields, streams and surprised cattle to create a drawing of a bridge.

“The GPS campaign idea was born out of the thought to involve the riders as much as possible in our Unstoppable campaign - because above all, riders love to ride,” says Martin Terhart, senior art director for the ad campaign. “And with the GPS drawing idea we basically have the possibility to have the riders ‘create’ our ads while riding. Also it fits well under the overall Unstoppable umbrella, because in order to create these drawings the riders have to go places they normally might not go, like leaving the asphalt and riding off-road through tricky terrain in order to accomplish their drawing. So, pure unstoppable riding – that’s what it’s all about.”

With the GPS system with a route recording feature, riders can download their routes to a computer and then share them on BMW’s website. Users can also submit videos and photographs of their rides to go with the drawings.

Any motorcycle or GPS system may be used, as long as the GPS system is able to record tracks and can interface with a computer.