Aprilia Shiver 750 updated for 2010

Naked streetbike gets aggressive facelift

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Apr. 27, 2010
Aprilia has updated the Shiver 750 for 2010, giving the naked streetbike a more aggressive look and sportier rider ergonomics.

 The 2010 Aprilia Shiver 750 gets a new narrower saddle and has a lower seat height at 31.5 inches, down from the 31.9 inches found on the 2009 model. The rider geometry has also been modified with the footpegs moved backward and the handlebar moved forward for a more aggressive riding position. The rear wheel is also a half inch thinner at 5.5 inches while it uses the same 180/55 tire, a change Aprilia says improves handling and increases turn speed. Visually, the 2010 Shiver gets a new fairing and wave brake discs.

The updated Shiver will use the same 750cc 90-degree Twin engine as its predecessor, with a claimed power output of 95hp at 9,000 rpm and 59.7 ft-lb. of torque at 7,000 rpm. Also returning is Aprilias three-mode ride-by-wire throttle control which debuted on the 2009 Shiver.

The 2010 Aprilia Shiver 750 gets a new fairing and updated rider ergonomics.

The 43mm upside-down fork and lateral rear shock mounted directly to the swingarm also return for 2010. In addition to the new wave brake discs, the Shiver also gets updated master cylinders for improved braking. An ABS-equipped version will also be available.

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