AMA suspends technical director

Ludington’s exchange with racer Page caught on YouTube

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jul. 23, 2009
AMA Pro Racing has suspended Technical Director of Competition Al Ludington for his behavior in an exchange with American Superbike racer Johnny Rock Page.

The incident occurred July 18 following the first American Superbike race at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio. Ludington was reprimanding Page for failing to recognize a blue flag during the race calling for him to allow the race leaders to pass him. Page maintained his racing line and allowed eventual race winner Josh Hayes to widen his lead over runner-up Aaron Yates.

In a conversation that was caught on video and posted to YouTube, Ludington used an expletive while explaining the official ruling. Page continued to argue with Ludington over the interpretation of the rules involving a blue flag and Ludington grew increasingly frustrated and, according to AMA Pro Racing, his conduct was “detrimental to the sport of professional motorcycle racing”.

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AMA Pro Racing has indefinitely suspended Ludington and. Roy Janson, AMA Pro Racing vice president of competition, will assume his duties until he is reinstated.

Page was suspended from Race Two at Mid-Ohio as well as the July 31-Aug. 2 round at Heartland Park Topeka in Topeka, Kans.

“Al Ludington is and remains a key member of AMA Pro Racing’s management team,” says Janson. “The outstanding competition that we have seen across the board in AMA Pro Road Racing this season is due in large part to Al’s expertise, experience and passion for motorcycle racing. In no way, however, can AMA Pro condone his behavior and actions as displayed this past weekend at Mid-Ohio. It is appropriate that Al extended an apology to Mr. Page, the AMA Pro Racing community and our loyal fans who deserve and can expect in the future nothing but the highest standards of professional conduct from all of our AMA Pro officials.”

Ludington has issued a letter of apology to Page and the AMA Pro Racing community.

“I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to the fans of our sport, all AMA members, competitors, AMA Pro Racing officials and Johnny Rock Page for my behavior in the Tech Garage at the recent AMA Pro Road Racing event at Mid-Ohio,” Ludington writes in his apology.

“My actions were out of line and detrimental to the well being and the growth of the sport that we all love. Mr. Page is a professional racer and should have been reprimanded for his actions in a professional manner. He was not, and the blame is entirely and solely my own.

“I am regretful for offending anyone’s sensibilities, and I vow never to conduct myself in this manner in the future. We expect cordial dialogue and behavior from our competitors and, in turn, they should expect the same from us. I failed to live up to this code of conduct.

“Once again, I am offering my sincerest apologies to everybody that was affected by my poor decision to conduct myself in a non-professional manner.”