AMA considers 450cc singles class

Proposed class inspired by Gavin Trippe’s Super Singles

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jul. 07, 2009
AMA Pro Racing is considering adding a new 450cc singles class to future Pro Road Racing seasons.

According to AMA Pro Racing, the new class would serve as a gateway for young regional riders to begin competing at the national level. The proposed 450cc singles class would be restricted to riders age 16 to 21. The AMA Supersport class currently serves a similar purpose for young racers, and should the new class be added, the Supersport class will drop its existing age limits, opening it up for older entry-level racers.

Officials will conduct an investigation over the next few months to test the “performance, competition, safety characteristics as well as viability and interest in the marketplace” for the proposed entry-level class. Preliminary plans are for the new class to feature 450cc single-cylinder motorcycles from a single manufacturer and prepared by the same tuner.

“Combining close competition with affordable equipment provides a win-win situation for fans and riders alike,” says Roger Edmondson, AMA Pro Racing president. “The parity in performance brought with a single manufacturer and tuner puts America’s young talent at center stage and helps them to refine their riding skills for advancement through the ranks.”

Roland Sands modified a Kawasaki KXF450F to create this green Super Single.

AMA Pro Racing says the new class borrows inspiration from Gavin Trippe’s Super Singles project which uses 450cc dirtbikes re-configured for road racing. Trippe, the man behind the Superbikers racing series that aired on ABC television from 1979-1985, organized a Super Singles race at the Road Race Grand Championships in September 2008.

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