Akuma releases Army-themed helmet

Apache joins Stealth and Ghost Rider in military-themed line

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Sep. 05, 2008

Akuma has a new military-themed helmet to go alongside its Air Force-inspired Stealth and Navy Ghost Rider.

Joining its air and sea counterparts is the new Akuma Apache helmet which takes its design cues from the U.S. Army.

“Former Navy and Air Force customers have been extremely happy with our first two military themed helmets,” says Kerry Harris, chairman and founder of Akuma. “However, we get anywhere from 5-10 phone calls and emails a week from Army riders asking when we were going to produce a helmet they could be proud to wear?”  

Akuma's Apache helmet was desgined by Mike Lavallee of Killer Paint.Designed by Mike Lavallee of Killer Paint, the Apache comes in U.S. Army olive green with painted-on bolts and panels and a yellow Apache helicopter patch on the back.

The Apache also features some technological improvements from the Stealth and Ghost Rider helmets. Like the earlier military-themed helmets, the Apache features red light emitting diodes (LEDs) lighting in the exhaust vents for added visibility at night, and another LED mounted in the front, useful for checking a road map in low-light situations. For the Apache, Akuma upgraded the electronics, replacing the internal wiring with a circuit board with micro-resistors. The Apache’s rear LEDs have two settings, constant on and flashing, which can be triggered by pressure switches

Integrated rechargeable LED lights in the exhaust vents can be set to constant on or flashing modes.Certified by the Department of Transportation and the Economic Commission for Europe, the Akuma Apache’s shell is constructed of a fiberglass-Kevlar composite. The helmet is wind tunnel tested for an aerodynamic shape and features six airflow vents. The hypoallergenic interior is removable and washable.

The Apache comes with a UV-resistant clear visor, but optional visors are available in smoked, chrome and AEGIS gold. It comes with a “Remove Before Flight” key chain and a wall charger. The Akuma Apache helmet is available for $429 at the Superbike Toy Store.