Agni Motors Commits to TTXGP Staff
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Agni Motors commits to TTXGP

2009 TTXGP winner to race all three regional series
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Feb. 26, 2010
Isle of Man TT electric race wining Agni Motors will enter all three TTXGP regional championships in 2010.

Agni Motors set the fastest lap time at the TTXGPs inaugural event on the Isle of Man in 2009, averaging 87.4 mph on the 37.75 mile course with the Agni X01 motorcycle.

We are very excited to participate in the second year of this groundbreaking race series, says Arvind Rabadia, Agni team boss. Last year was fantastic. Agni Motors won the Worlds first zero carbon race, winning the TTXGP 2010 world series would be an even bigger achievement. We believe TTXGP provides a fantastic race series and generate fantastic promotional opportunities. We are happy to see the TTXGP continue to grow, attract teams, and add events to its calendar, we look forward to racing with TTXGP all over the world.

agni motors commits to ttxgp, Agni Motors is the latest team to commit to TTXGP s electric motorcycle racing series
Agni Motors is the latest team to commit to TTXGP's electric motorcycle racing series.

Agni Motors will compete in the TTXGPs North American, United Kingdom and Italian Championships. Each series has four races and the top eight teams in each championship will race in the TTXGP Grand Final, Oct. 23-24 in Albacete, Spain.

With 13 dates announced in 2010, Agni motors is honored to be in a position to take advantage of this world race series and the level of success of TTXGP, in pushing technology, innovation and promoting the EV industry, says Rabadia. We feel we have a great partnership with TTXGP in propelling the electric industry into a new and much bigger dimension.

With the world of clean emission motorcycle racing now split between the TTXGP, Isle of Man and International Motorcycling Federation, getting a commitment with Agni Motors is a real coup for TTXGP.

We are very pleased Agni decided to join TTXGP for all three regional championships. It means that any team entering any TTXGP championship will be able to put their bike against the proven best in the world! says Azhar Hussain, TTXGP founder. 2010 is going to be a fantastic year for zero carbon racing; we are inviting teams to come and join in and take part in what has already proven to be the definitive start of the next generation of motorsport.

Agni Motors announcement does not say they will be exclusive to TTXGP so the team may still race in the FIMs ePower championship or the Isle of Mans TT Zero. Committing to the TTXGPs 13 dates however may make competing in the other series unlikely.

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