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Aerostich supports Ride to Work Day

Cities asked to make official proclamations
By Press Release, Mar. 26, 2010
Aerostich is asking municipalities to join motorcycle and scooter riders in recognizing Ride to Work Day, June 21.

One of the earliest advocates for Ride to Work Day, Aerostich is once again showing its support for the demonstration of the benefits of riding. Aerostich is asking motorcycle and scooter riders to take part.

Aerostich is also encouraging riders to contact their mayors asking them to make an official proclamation in support of Ride to Work Day.

Many cities have already shown their support, and some go a step further by allowing motorcycles and scooters to park at municipal ramps and metered spaces for free on Ride to Work Day.

Aerostich and Ride to Work Day organizers have provided some templates to help cities make an official proclamation.

Click here for a template for a letter to city mayors requesting an official proclamation.

Click here for a template cities can use to make their own proclamation.

Click here for a list of cities that made official proclamations for Ride to Work Day.

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