Aerostich Airvantage electric liner

Adjustable internal bladder provides warm yet comfortable fit

By Staff, Sep. 26, 2008
Motorcycle clothing producer Aerostich is introducing a new electric liner.

Unlike other electric vests and liners, the Aerostich Kanetsu Airvantage liner keeps the rider warm by using an internal air bladder. Aerostich says in a release that the bladder allows the vest to provide maximum heat transfer without being too closely tailored and uncomfortably restrictive. The amount of air filling the bladder can be adjusted, allowing the rider to change how closely the liner insolates the body.

The air also acts as an effective insulator, extending the range of temperature provided without using power.

The Aerostich liner features a black Gore-Tex Windstopper shell with a nylon inner lining.

The Airvantage Liner is available with QuiConnect2, SAE or BMW connectors for $297.