Jeremy McWilliams Rides the MotoCzysc C1

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jul. 11, 2007

Jeremy McWilliams easily the most experienced test rider in the industry rode the MotoCzysz 07 C1-990 for the first time in a private test at the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT June 20, 2007. McWilliams, whose test and development experience includes the Aprilia cube MotoGP bike, both KR 3 cylinder 2-stroke and 5 cylinder 4-stroke machines, BMW's 990 and 800 MotoGP prototypes, the Buell XB9RR and the Ilmor 800 MotoGP machine.

Jeremy told a journalist after his ride that the C1 was "the best turning bike ever".

MotoCzysz has become increasingly confident that Czysz's theories were actually resulting in a better turning motorcycle.

"We can now consider the design the frozen for the first model and focus entirely on finial engine development and prepare the bike for production. Listening to Jeremy talk about how easy it was to turn or transition our bike in comparison with everything he has ridden was simply one of the best things I have ever heard" said Michael Czysz.

Jeremy went on to say;

"I thoroughly enjoyed my outing on MC's prototype, firstly I was surprised at how nimble the bike turned, steered and changed direction. My feeling was that this Motorcycle easily took the least amount of effort for a bike of this capacity to fire it into a turn, to steer into the apex of that turn needed little effort. It really came into its own when I was pushing through the Chicane at Miller, in this type of turn the MotoCzysz changes direction with minimal input and I always found that I had room to push harder."

"It was refreshing to work with such enthusiastic designers and the future has to be good for one of the best looking sport bikes I've had the pleasure to test..."

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