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July 28, 2017
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Veterans Charity Ride Begins Nine-Day Journey To Sturgis

This morning, the Veterans Charity Ride (VCR) to Sturgis set out on a nine-day road trip along the healing road to visit communities and other veterans along the way. VCR has gone from nine attendees to 20 in just three years, according to “Indian” Dave Frey, the founder of Veterans Charity Ride. Frey says that 20 is the magic number of participants because it allows them all to connect with each other to deal with their post-traumatic stress and anxiety and the other issues that veterans face upon reassimilation back into civilian society.

“Indian” Dave Frey leads the riders into Los Angeles Fire Department Station #77 for the official kickoff of the Veterans Charity Ride.

“We’ve expanded from a simple ride to give back to my brothers and sisters to a nationally-recognized health and wellness program that we run year-round,” said Frey. The trip, which takes nine days, has surprise stops along the way. For example, yesterday, VCR stopped by Jay Leno’s garages for some fun. The idea, states Frey, is “to help pop the guys out of what they’ve been subjected to and back into life and present time.” The trip – and any of VCR’s other services – are designed to give the vets tools to help them for the rest of their lives, not just this short time on the road. Frey sums it up, “Once they’re in with Veterans Charity Ride, they’re in it for life.”

The pre-ride photo. Look at all those smiling faces! The Fire Hogs motorcycle club hosted the event and lead for the first portion of today’s ride.

To learn more about Veterans Charity Ride, visit their website to learn more or donate to the cause.

From hand-shifters to sidecars, the Indian motorcycles were adapted to fit the vets’ needs.

Ready for nine days on the healing road.