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The MV Agusta RVS #1

Reparto Veicoli Speciali #1, which was designed in coordination with the Castiglioni’s own C.R.C. (Castiglioni Research Centre), translates to, “Special Vehicles Department #1”. When a motorcycle manufacturer whose slogan is “Motorcycle Art” assigns a department to something special you can bet on the production of a unique, and extreme machine.

“Wherever you look, every angle of this bike, there’s something special about it”, explains Adrian Morton, MV Agusta Design Director.

When that company is MV Agusta, maker of what are arguably the most visually stunning and meticulously designed motorcycles in the world, well, hold on to your espresso, things are about to get intense.

The RVS #1 is a radically designed motorcycle based on the Brutale Dragster (the first machine to come from MV’s Reparto Veicoli Speciali) platform which, as I mentioned in our latest shootout of the Brutale 800, has character and “Italian charm” for days. Albeit having quirks that throw practicality to the wind, the 800cc Triple engine is a rip-snorting powerplant to anchor any custom around. In fact, MV Agusta claims this iteration of the triple boasts 150 hp, making the RVS#1 the most powerful bike within the MV three-cylinder range.

The machine from MV’s Reparto Veicoli Speciali is littered with titanium and carbon alongside other parts which have been machined to perfection.

The RVS #1 is shod with a honeycomb stitched seat and enough skulls to make even The Punisher take a second look.

Not just quality, but perfection. Not just research, but vision. Not just performance, but emotions. – MV Agusta

The quote above describes this motorcycle perfectly. Be careful not to just dismiss the language as marketing hype. MV really does build their motorcycles based on passion and emotion and beauty. It can be seen in the impractical features of some of its motorcycles. I won’t fault them for it.

We can’t take our eyes off of the welds on that snaking SC Project race exhaust.

In a review I recently published, I mention the importance of the emotion a motorcycle evokes. That, if you don’t turn around to admire your motorcycle while walking away, maybe it’s not “the one.” I have never bought a motorcycle that didn’t evoke a backward glance as I left it sitting. A friend of mine once described his motorcycle as a toaster. It was just a practical, comfortable, gas-sipping commuter bike. No, thank you. I’ll stick to my fire-breathing, Italian V-Four that gets 25 mpg and makes my pants tight every time I fire it up. Render these emotions down into the most raw and pure form. That, to me, is what MV’s RVS #1 embodies.

The RVS includes two spotlights on the right side and a LED headlight using an integrated inertial system illuminating the individual units based on lean angle.

Don’t bother trying to make sense of it. If you’re hyperventilating over the lack of practicality seen here, grab a paper bag and navigate to a more practical motorcycle article. This bike is not for those faint of heart and that is exactly what MV set out to do with the first motorcycle to roll out of the Reparto Veicoli Speciali. Price? If you have to ask…

The RVS #1 Racing Parts Kit includes a few parts that MV most likely could not include bolted to the bike and still pass emissions around the world:

  • Motorcycle Cover
  • Welcome kit with certificate of origin for Dragster
  • “Quick Release” Fuel tank cap
  • Engine oil cap black ergal
  • Racing exhaust silencer with mounting kit
  • ECU with racing map
  • RH Titanium footrest protection
  • RH Air scoop with lamps and dedicated fixing kit
  • Ergal clutch cover protection
  • Complete Support for ergal frame protection (RH/LH Side)
  • Engine pick-up protection
  • Ergal rearview mirror
  • Ergal rearview mirror connections bushing
  • Titanium and ergal front brake lever protection
  • Titanium and ergal front clutch lever protection

Specifications are relatively similar to the Brutale Dragster however, the full spec sheet can be seen here.