By now, we’ve probably all seen hundreds of on track crashes thanks to MotoGP, WSBK, and GoPro videos. The videos are often mounted on the bike offering the straight-ahead view as the bike slides and tumbles. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, the bike will spin on its side, showing the rider and other bikes on the track. With this crash video from Thunderhill posted by SuperSpicnspan, on YouTube, viewers have the option of rotating the screen to see the crash from different angles. Want to see the ground sliding under the Kawasaki? Go ahead. What about following the rider? Yep. How about following the front of the bike as it augers in, snapping off the windscreen? A must see. Perhaps our favorite view, though, is how the bike goes over the camera as it tumbles. You can rotate the view to see the bike overhead and the ground below! Very cool.

The good news is that the rider is OK and posted the video for our enjoyment. So, dig in to all the angles you can!