All riders know that motorcycles are inherently less stable than automobiles. So, when we ride our shiny new bike away from the dealership, we begin the life-long task of attempting to keep our motorcycle from achieving its natural position. What is a motorcycle’s natural position, you ask? Why, that would be lying on its side. Our motorcycles depend on us to stay upright. It is our sacred task.

However, we all know that gravity works and you can only bend, not break, the laws of physics. This leads to the old saw about there being two kinds of riders: those who have been down and those who are going to go down. Some would argue that there are there is a third kind: those who are going to go down again.

So, let’s check in with out fellow MOrons. How many times have you crashed a street bike? (Let’s keep dirt out of this because tip-overs are so common off-road.) Since we recognize that riders with more years in the saddle have also exposed themselves to more risk of having their bikes achieve achieve their natural position, we’ll include a second poll to establish how many years our readers have been riding.

This should be interesting.