The thing about the Isle of Man TT is that we can’t get enough of it. Thus defines the magic of the race. There’s speed, there’s intrigue, there’s gasoline, there’s adventure – and looming not far off in the background is death. When you distill what makes the Isle of Man TT so interesting to so many of us, the essence of it all comes back to this: death looms large at the Isle and every competitor stares it right back in the face.

The race, and those who take part in it, has been documented numerous times by so many entities, both in and out of motorcycling precisely because of the bravery and skill of everyone involved. Its mainstream relevance is a tribute to the people, machines, organization, and the island itself. And now a new mainstream entity has chosen to create a documentary around this historic race.

Audience Network’s original documentary series, Religion of Sports, is back for Season 3, premiering Wed, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Co-Produced by Patriots QB Tom Brady and Hall of Fame Defensive End Michael Strahan, the series highlights various cultural and historical experiences in sports across the globe, from famous rivalries to unforgettable hardships. The first episode of Season 3 features the incredible story of the Isle of Man TT. Located on a small island between Ireland and North England, this story follows the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world, featuring riders who navigate old, windy roads of a small English village at speeds close to 200 mph.

In the sneak preview clip below we don’t see any motorcycle racing, and yet the production quality ensures it’s one in a string of Isle of Man TT documentaries that can’t be missed.