Here in Southern California, where the MO staff call home, we’re experiencing the first summer heat wave of 2018. Temperatures are soaring well past 100ºF all over the state and air conditioning units are working overtime to keep the masses cool. So when we came upon this video, we knew we had to share. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on a Suzuki GSX-R1000…snow bike.

A nice contrast to the triple digit heat we’re facing as we type this, watching the Stunt Freaks Team rip up the powder on this 170 hp snow monster suddenly has us wishing for winter and all the silly (stupid?) things we can do on two wheels.

The video starts innocently enough (or as innocently as possible considering the subject matter), with someone pegging the rev limiter on the Gixxer as they plow through snow. Digging the front track in a rut then powering through with the rear, leaving huge plumes of snow roost in the process, definitely looks fun and gets the heart pumping a little.

Once you get halfway through the video, things take a little bit of a turn. Without ruining too much, let’s just say the video shifts from an outrageous motorcycle with tracks instead of wheels, and turns into something resembling an action flick. There’s explosions – lots of explosions – because if there’s anything that can make a Youtube video even better, it’s crazy pyrotechnics.

Take a look at the video below to see exactly what we’re talking about. Then take a moment to thank the Finnish lads at Stunt Freaks Team. This is just one of several outlandish videos they have posted on their channel, and while we could have posted any one of them, riding a motorcycle through snow seemed especially appealing during this heat wave.