We say it over and over again, but you really do need to pay attention while riding a motorcycle. Often, we as motorcyclists are on the constant lookout for cars trying to kill us on the highway or on our favorite twisty road, only to let our guard down once we start cruising down familiar side streets traveled several times before.

Such is the case with this rider, who momentarily let their guard down. As you can see in the video, a failure to notice the traffic light changing color, and (somehow) completely missing the cars in front hitting their brakes, led to this heart-pounding, thread-the-needle dance between minivans and opposing traffic.

Many times we see videos where the motorcycle rider is the victim, but this time the rider is clearly the guilty party. Thankfully (surprisingly?), no contact is made between the motorcyclist and other vehicles – the only smudge likely being the one left in the rider’s boxers. Check out the video and flame away below.