Motorcyclists Help Car Crash Victims

Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams

Supermoto Superheroes first on scene

motorcyclists help car crash victims

The video begins with eight riders on Husqvarna 701 Supermotos messing about as they leave the track. Typical supermoto hooligans jumping their bikes and doing burnouts amongst other general acts of hooliganism. Turns out they may not be your typical motorcycle derelicts after all.

Things heat up when a Mustang rider pulls around the group at a light speeding out onto the highway and eventually right into a head-on collision with a couple in a Maserati. Without skipping a beat our fearless supermoto superman flies into action as the others follow suit. The rider checks on the gentleman who caused the collision before turning his attention to the couple with injuries and offering basic first aid.

As the video ends we find the riders are from all over the globe, with our main camera POV hailing from the Netherlands. Thank you Supermofools for being a shining example of motorcyclists and generally great human beings.

This video showcases many examples that we can all learn from. Let’s make a list:

  • Don’t drive like a jerk (or under the influence of anything as the videographers suggest)
  • Help others when in need if you are able
  • Help Law Enforcement do their job (even if they first judge you by your mode of transportation)
  • Learn basic first aid, you never know when it could literally save someone’s life
  • Riding supermoto will make you a better person (Okay, maybe that isn’t true but it sure is fun)
  • Action cameras can be useful for more than making your bored girlfriend and friends sit through 30 min of you “railing the canyons, bruh”

Full Video Below:

We were heading back to our hotel after a trackday. Waiting at the traffic lights this Mustang passed us and drifted into the oncoming lane causing a crash with the couple sitting in the Maserati. The Mustang driver was under the influence of something.

After checking on him I went to the couple in the Maserati to check on them. At first, the Mustang driver stayed at the accident, but after two minutes he decided to run. The other guys chased him down. When he heard the sirens coming he ran away for the second time, my friends chase him down again and luckily the police arrived and arrested the Mustang driver.” – Supermofools.

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