Evoke Electric Urban S Coming Stateside

Tom Roderick
by Tom Roderick

Ever hear of Evoke? Us neither, but according to reports, the Chinese e-bike maker has plans on introducing its Urban S model to America this July. While Evoke may be an unknown OEM, it claims that a partnership with Foxconn – famous as Apple’s iPhone manufacturer – is what’s allowing the company to expand, ramping up production from 120 bikes last year to an estimated 2,000 bikes this year.

According to Evoke’s website, the Urban S is powered by a 19 kW motor, a 400A DC wave controller (with regenerative braking), and a 99.2V, 90ah lithium-ion Evoke PowerPack. The combo is claimed to deliver 86 lb.-ft. of torque, a top speed of 81 mph, and a range of 124 city miles, and 74 freeway miles.

MSRP for the Urban S is currently set at $9,400, about $1,000 more than a Zero FX but $1,600 less than a Zero S/DS. Pre-order deposits of $200 are being accepted on the company’s website. Also found on the Evoke website is a teaser for a Project Kruzer model with 126 lb.-ft. of “ludicrous” acceleration, referencing Tesla’s Ludicrous mode. Now we’re talking!

It’ll be interesting to see if the small upstart can pull off a successful entry into the U.S. e-bike market. If so, it’d be the first manufacturer to actually bring Zero some competition since Brammo and its spin-off into Victory/Polaris.

Tom Roderick
Tom Roderick

A former Motorcycle.com staffer who has gone on to greener pastures, Tom Roderick still can't get the motorcycle bug out of his system. And honestly, we still miss having him around. Tom is now a regular freelance writer and tester for Motorcycle.com when his schedule allows, and his experience, riding ability, writing talent, and quick wit are still a joy to have – even if we don't get to experience it as much as we used to.

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  • Pwillikers Pwillikers on Mar 17, 2017

    "Hub motor" incorporated into the rear wheel = fewer moving parts AND lots of unsprung weight.

    Rear brake activated by a left handlebar lever = how am I going to learn that?

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    • Clay Leihy Clay Leihy on May 26, 2017

      I rode a Honda Silverwing scooter for a couple of years. Really, the brakes are not hard to figure out. If you can't, you probably shouldn't be operating a motor vehicle.

  • Mad4TheCrest Mad4TheCrest on Mar 18, 2017

    Electric street motorcycles are hard to justify given the great fuel efficiency and lower buy-in of many of the gas powered bikes. But, I believe there is an opening for electrics in the scooter segment where top speed and range aren't as important. I think because of this lowered emphasis on power and range it's also possible to make electric scooters as cheap to buy as gas scooters, or very close to it. Odd thing is I see more activity in electric motorcycles than I see in electric scooters. One more entry into the e-bike market isn't as useful in my opinion as a really practical e-scooter option.

    • BoyTitan BoyTitan on Mar 20, 2017

      Battery price and technology is whats keeping the high price. Thats 2000-3000 dollars worth of battery alone I can be a 1000 dollars to low. Electric scooters are screwed those that want something slower will build or buy a electric bike. . Also Electric bikes will always be cheaper then scooters. Bigger diameter wheels and lighter weight mean you can get more speed and range for a smaller price. Also the learning curb edge is gone since on a electric motorcycle a new rider does not have to learn to use a clutch and shift a electric motorcycle just requires a twist of the throttle like a scooter. So now more people will ride the motorcycle that otherwise felt it was to hard to learn. Pretty much there is no point of the scooter style in the electric market. Also the acceleration no gears etc it can just rip right up to its highest speed since its electric. Where as 250 cc motorcycles have crap acceleration. A 250 cc motorcycle may have better range but you are never going to take it on the highway so the electric motorcycle with better acceleration and the same top speed wins even if range takes a hit. Actually the top speeds really aren't the same since a electric motorcycle will be able to maintain its top speed with out struggling.