Ever hear of Evoke? Us neither, but according to reports, the Chinese e-bike maker has plans on introducing its Urban S model to America this July. While Evoke may be an unknown OEM, it claims that a partnership with Foxconn – famous as Apple’s iPhone manufacturer – is what’s allowing the company to expand, ramping up production from 120 bikes last year to an estimated 2,000 bikes this year.

According to Evoke’s website, the Urban S is powered by a 19 kW motor, a 400A DC wave controller (with regenerative braking), and a 99.2V, 90ah lithium-ion Evoke PowerPack. The combo is claimed to deliver 86 lb.-ft. of torque, a top speed of 81 mph, and a range of 124 city miles, and 74 freeway miles.

MSRP for the Urban S is currently set at $9,400, about $1,000 more than a Zero FX but $1,600 less than a Zero S/DS. Pre-order deposits of $200 are being accepted on the company’s website. Also found on the Evoke website is a teaser for a Project Kruzer model with 126 lb.-ft. of “ludicrous” acceleration, referencing Tesla’s Ludicrous mode. Now we’re talking!

It’ll be interesting to see if the small upstart can pull off a successful entry into the U.S. e-bike market. If so, it’d be the first manufacturer to actually bring Zero some competition since Brammo and its spin-off into Victory/Polaris.