Motorcyclists encounter many threats while riding on the street. We’re accustomed to dodging inattentive car drivers, and we’ve seen several instances of road rage erupting into vehicular violence. However, we shouldn’t have to be afraid of a car driver pulling a gun on us.

Alex Randall, a resident of Washington state, was riding his Yamaha R1 on August 16 when he pulled to a stop at a traffic light. While waiting, his helmet camera recorded the scene as a plain-clothed police detective approached him on foot and pointed a pistol at him.

According to the video footage, the detective said Randall was riding dangerously, but he wouldn’t identify himself or show his badge. He also didn’t bother issuing a ticket, seemingly satisfied with himself for overtly threatening another human’s life.

Randall says he was able to identify the cop as a detective with the Kings County Sheriff’s department, and he has filed a formal complaint with the sheriff’s department and other agencies.

“That’s not the culture I want, that’s not the culture I will tolerate, and I will take swift action when I hear about it,” Sheriff John Urquhart told the KIRO 7 television station. “What I’m going to do with that video, is I’m going to show it to every single new recruit that comes into the sheriff’s office, and I have 70 or 80 a year. I want them to know specifically what they’re not allowed to do.”