A police officer throwing a cup of coffee at a passing motorcyclist is reprehensible. Not only is the act unbecoming of a uniformed officer, and completely outside the realm of professionalism, it is dangerous for the biker and those riding around him as well as endangering other motorists and pedestrians. Not to mention further tarnishing the reputation of a police force under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Police officers are sworn to protect and serve, and in addition to their vast and dangerous responsibilities are meant to be looked upon as examples of moral superiority. This officer obviously allowed his emotions to cloud his judgment and committed what would be a crime of serious proportions if the roles were reversed. The officer should be investigated and punished if found guilty because throwing coffee on a motorcyclist is uncalled for regardless the situation. However, it wasn’t unprovoked.

The video begins with the lead rider launching into a standup wheelie in the thick of the Chicago urban jungle among other motorists, and pedestrians – hardly the place for such antics. The cop did throw his coffee at the wrong biker (Elijah Bling apparently did nothing wrong in the video), but a quick look at Elijah Bling’s Facebook page shed’s light on an apparent disrespect for law enforcement and predilection for stunting on public streets. He’s not guilty by association, but in a karmic sense, he probably got his just desserts.

Had the lead rider in the video not been so blatantly flouting the law the whole situation wouldn’t have materialized. We here at MO are all about the speed, lean angles, and wheelies sportibikes deliver, but there’s a time and place for everything, and downtown anywhere isn’t it.