August 3, 2021
| On 2 years ago

Can-Am Ryker 900 Sport Certified for 2022

Bombardier Recreational Products is making changes to it’s Can-Am Ryker line-up for 2022, with a new Ryker 900 Sport set to replace the Rally Edition variant.

Both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board have approved a 2022 Can-Am Ryker 900 Sport alongside the base model Ryker 900. Not listed for the 2022 model year is the Ryker 900 Rally Edition which had been around since 2019. The EPA has also certified the 600cc version of the Cam-Am Ryker for 2022.

While we know the Ryker 900 Sport exists, the certifications don’t offer any clues about what to expect beyond the engines. As with the previous model years, the 2022 the 2022 Ryker 900 models will be powered by the three-cylinder Rotax 900 ACE engine claiming a peak output of 81.9 hp at 8000 rpm. The continuously variable transmission will also return for 2022.

Though the power numbers are identical to the previous model years, the certifications for 2022 list a different engine code. Since the Ryker 900 debuted in 2019, it has been certified with an engine family code ending with “899AHL.” The 2022 engine has the code “899BHL,” suggesting something has changed, and that’s reflected in updated emissions data. The 2022 Ryker 600 also has a new engine family code, now going by “599BHL” instead of the previous “600AHL.”

The “Sport” name suggests a bigger focus on street performance than the Rally Edition which was fitted for light off-road use. Compared to the base Ryker 900, the Rally Edition had longer travel (6.38 inches vs. 5.39 inches) KYB suspension and an additional 0.4 inches of ground clearance. The Rally Edition also came with a Rally engine mode, reinforced rims, more aggressive-looking tires, a reinforced grille, a skid plate, hand guards, and a Max Mount tail section for attaching cargo. A Sport model will likely not have the additional reinforcement, focusing on reducing weight (the Rally Edition claimed a dry weight of 627 pounds compared to a claimed 616 pounds for the regular 2021 Ryker 900.)

When we last reviewed the Ryker 900 in 2019, Evans Brasfield said that the Ryker offered a similar power-to-weight ratio as the larger Can-Am Spyder models, but at a significantly lower price, making them an easier entry point for younger riders.

Incidentally, while the Ryker models have been certified for 2022, the Rotax 1330-powered Can-Am Spyder models have yet to get approval from either the EPA or CARB. Of course, that could come in at any time, and we expect the Spyder will return for 2022.

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