We live in some pretty crazy times, and sometimes it feels like society would rather watch the world burn rather than to go out of one’s way to help someone else out. Bring up anything remotely political to the wrong person and all of a sudden you could become the devil, or a moron in their eyes just because you have an opinion different from theirs. How about when an older person gets on the train or bus, do younger people still stand up and offer their seat? I hope so, but only if they lift their nose out of their phones for long enough to notice. What about rush hour traffic? The roadways can become battlegrounds as if every last inch of asphalt were sacred or something. God forbid you let someone else merge in front of you because, after all, it’s their fault you’re late, right?

Crazy talk. Fortunately there are good people in this world that are happily willing to go out of their way to help someone else out. Like this motorcyclist for example, who saw a man running down the sidewalk that looked like he was trying to catch a bus. It makes me happy to see this kind of stuff. He didn’t have to stop, he could have easily kept on riding along, but yet he did, and now both of them have a nice story to tell. For this nice deed, the Good Samaritan motorcyclist definitely has some positive karma coming his way.

We do wish he was wearing some better motorcycling gear, but we’ll let that one slide for good behavior.