2021 Honda CT125 Hunter Cub Officially Announced

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

A more off-road capable Super Cub

Honda officially confirmed the CT125 minibike is going into production as the CT125 Hunter Cub. At the moment, the 2021 Honda CT125 Hunter Cub has only been announced for the Japanese market, where it will be available for 440,000 yen (US$3952).

2021 Honda CT125 Production Model Revealed in Design Filings

The Hunter Cub was supposed to make its debut this week at the Osaka Motorcycle Show, but due to the coronavirus, Honda will instead showcase it as part of a “virtual motorcycle show” on March 27.

The CT125 shares much in common with the Super Cub C125, but with the chassis modified for better off-road use. The Hunter Cub’s front fork offers 4.3 inches of travel compared to the Super Cub’s 3.5 inches for better handling unpaved terrain. Further adding to its off-road capability are a high scrambler-style exhaust and a bash plate to protect the forward-pointing single cylinder. Honda claims 6.5 inches of ground clearance.

The engine is an air-cooled four-stroke overhead cam 124cc Single with an automatic centrifugal clutch and semi-automatic four-speed transmission, similar to the Super Cub’s drive system. The Hunter Cub adopts a different air intake design, resulting in a bit less power than the Super Cub but higher low-rpm torque. Honda claims a peak output of 8.7 hp at 7000 rpm and 8.1 lb-ft. at 4500 rpm.

While the Super Cub uses a rear drum brake, the Hunter Cub has a disc brake. ABS does come standard on the CT125, but as with the Super Cub, it only operates on the front wheel.

Other differences from the Super Cub include a rear luggage rack, pillion footpegs (we assume an accessory passenger seat will mount to the rack), a kick starter (in addition to electric start), and a slightly larger fuel tank (1.4 gallons vs. the Super Cub’s 1.0 gallons). Honda claims a curb weight of 265 pounds, about 22 pounds heavier than the Super Cub.

For Japan, Honda is offering the Hunter Cub in two color options: Glowing Red and Matte Fresco Brown. At the moment, Honda has not confirmed whether the CT125 Hunter Cub will be offered in other markets, including North America.

In addition to the CT125 Hunter Cub, Honda says it will have debut a new concept model during its virtual show. Honda hasn’t provided any specifics, only calling it a “FUN” model, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it will be another Super Cub variant.

Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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