May 2, 2018
| On 4 years ago

2018 Ducati Panigale V4 Recalled for Two Fuel Leak Issues

Ducati is performing two separate worldwide recall on all 2018 Panigale V4 models (include the S and Speciale variants) related to potential fuel leaks. Though both recalls seem related, they are for two different problems, one that may cause fuel to leak from an internal breathing valve and one that may cause fuel to spray out when the tank cap is opened. The recall affects 692 motorcycles in the U.S.

The first recall addresses a potential leak from the breathing valve located at the rear part of the tank that is normally covered by the seat. According to the recall documentation released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the valve’s O-ring may be damaged during installation of the valve plug.

The O-ring (#5) may get damaged during installation. Ducati will replace both the O-ring and the valve plug (#3).

The problem was first reported on March 5 by a European dealer after noticing a fuel leak on a demo bike. Because the leak occurred at the back of the tank, the dealer was able to quickly identify the breather valve as the source and identified a pinched O-ring. Ducati immediately started an internal investigation. By April, Ducati had received four other reports including one from the U.S. All of these field reports showed evidence of a damaged O-ring. Ducati initiated its worldwide recall process on April 11.

Ducati dealers will replace the valve plug and O-ring on recalled units. The new plug has a chamfered edge to make installation easier while decreasing the risk of pinching the O-ring during installation. Ducati will also apply a different lubricant to improve plug fitting while not creating a false seal.

The second recall addresses an issue with fuel spraying when the cap is opened. According to the NHTSA documents, the Panigale V4’s fuel cap may not allow for proper venting. In certain conditions, pressure may build up inside the tank. When the fuel cap is opened, the pressure may cause fuel to spray out of the tank. Riders may feel and hear signs of excessive pressure when trying to open the cap.

Ducati first received two reports about this issue on March 21 in North America, one from a dealer demo bike and the second from a customer’s bike. Ducati immediately started an investigation. By the end of March, Ducati North America received two additional field reports. The investigation was completed in April, with a recall initiated on April 11.

Ducati dealers will modify the fuel tank caps on recalled Panigale V4 models to improve breathing capacity.

The corrective measures for both recalls were implemented on new models produced after March 28.