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John Burns
by John Burns

2003 Yamaha R6

So, Randy, what does it take to be sooo fast?

Just flew in from Spain, and boy are my arms tired. Soon as I recover and gather up all the photos, tech info, etc, we'll post up a full report of Yamaha's little screamer. In the meantime, enjoy the lovely film footage of me chasing some git called Niall Mackenzie around the Circuito Almeria. All right, I cannot lie; it's not me chasing Mackenzie, it's some guy named Randy Mamola chasing him with the MO cam, and doing a nice job testing the R6's "over-rev" capability. Mamola seemed to be lapping at least a tenth-of-a-second or two quicker than me, and like many former GP stars he's dying to work for MO, so what the heck.

03 r6 how to find your inner redline motorcycle com

Next week, we'll have fresh scoopage regarding the new 600cc Kawasakis, following their press launch in Pahrump, Nevada. Honda will pop the cork on its new 600RR about halfway through January, and we'll be all over that one too. 'Tis the season for 600s.

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