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Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams

Or is it more like polo

I know plenty of motorcyclists who couldn’t care less about sports where the players knock some balls around, ultimately scoring in whichever fashion is pertinent. I’m one of them. I’ll watch about any type of sport, as long as it involves some internal combustion and/or two wheels… except NASCAR. Sorry.

Soccer doesn’t have as much of a following here in the States when compared to the rest of the world’s love of football (the soccer kind). Similar to the rest of the world’s passion for motorcycles and motorcycling, which is also not nearly as popular stateside. Living in Los Angeles, the cultural melting pot that it is, I know a lot more people who follow the World Cup than I did growing up in the middle of Illinois.

That being said, I still don’t care much for soccer, football, whatever, but maybe I could get into this Ural World Cup action. Check out the 60-second video below to see the Ural World Cup team in training. Happy Friyay!

It’s World Cup season and we’re feeling the excitement. With the matches being hosted in Russia, we decided to run some soccer/football drills with our Russian sidecar motorcycles. 😉 Enjoy the video and we hope your favorite team does well!

Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

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