2013 Suzuki Hayabusa Review

Tom Roderick
by Tom Roderick

Not sure if I can be ticketed post-infraction for admittedly tripling the legal speed limit, but on a recent Hayabusa press ride I saw an indicated 170 mph. “Honestly, officer, I didn’t realize the speed I was travelling. I mean, I was only in fifth gear.”

Even at that speed the ’Busa was accelerating harder than a runaway locomotive on a steep downhill grade, and the absence of wind noise and turbulence lulled me into a false belief of a slower land speed. While it’s not advisable to travel this fast on a public road it is testament to the Hayabusa’s high-speed composure.

New to 2013 Hayabusa are Brembo Monoblock calipers with a slightly larger piston diameter (32-32mm vs 32-30mm). Anti-lock brakes are now standard on 2013 models.

Moments later, after having slowed to a somewhat legally acceptable rate, we found ourselves stuck behind a few crawling cagers. The incredibly flexible ’Busa accepted the situation by maintaining 24 mph in 3rd gear at 2500 rpm and the engine didn’t bog when asked to accelerate.

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Slowing the new ’Busa are a pair of Brembo monoblock calipers up front. In our 2012 review of the Hayabusa LE we found its brakes faded with repeated use. The new Monoblocks appear to have resolved this problem. Also new in helping to safely slow the hyperbike is standard ABS.

The Marble Daytona Yellow / Glass Sparkle Black color scheme is the limited edition model for 2013 and costs $200 more than the two standard model color schemes.

Besides these braking upgrades and new color schemes the Hayabusa remains largely the same bike since its 2008 makeover. In this time, however, only Kawasaki’s ZX-14R, introduced last year, has managed to surpass the ’Busa in hyperbike honors. We compared the two last year, and while the ZX won the shootout (it also garnered our choice for Motorcycle of the year) the big Suzook formidably held its ground.

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The Busa puts up a firm challenge, and should its styling be more to your liking, you’ll appreciate its $1000 cheaper price tag: $13,999 (or $14,299 for our LE) vs. $14,999. And don’t forget about the booming aftermarket for the Hayabusa, either. As we said in our dragstrip shootout with the 14R, “With enough cash and imagination, it will do everything you want and more.”

+ Highs

  • Still the second-quickest production bike
  • Incredibly stable at speed
  • Accessories, accessories, accessories

– Sighs

  • Heavy
  • Lacking modern electronics
  • Buzziness

The Hayabusa also best the Kawi in fuel economy, getting six miles more per gallon than the Green Meanie. The Hayabusa also best the Kawi in fuel economy, getting six miles more per gallon than the Green Meanie. Comparative prices between the ’Busa and the Kawi for 2013 remain in Suzuki’s favor: $14,399/$14,599 Limited Edition vs $14,999 standard/$15,999 ABS model.

Weighing 586 wet pounds, the Hayabusa’s heft isn’t trivial, but its lithe handling attributes allows serious lean angles. Get in a little hot, however, and the ’Busa makes its weight known.

Fifty years ago Suzuki Motor Corporation set up shop in Los Angeles, California. To celebrate the occasion Suzuki is running a sweet financing deal on its Hayabusa and Gixxer models including a free Yoshimura slip-on, cash back and 0% APR financing. Considering these programs and its lesser MSRP, compared to the Ninja, it’s a big savings on a helluva fast motorcycle that’s worth considering.

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2013 Suzuki Hayabusa Specifications

Engine Type4-stroke, Liquid-cooled, 4-cylinder, DOHC
Engine Capacity1340cc
Bore x Stroke81.0 mm x 65.0 mm
Fuel SystemSuzuki Fuel Injection
Horsepower171 hp @ 9800 rpm
Torque101.7 ft-lb. @ 7300 rpm
Transmission6 speed, constant mesh
Final DriveChain
FrameAluminum twin spar
Front SuspensionInverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Rear SuspensionLink type, coil spring, oil damped
Front Brakes Brembo, disc, twin
Rear Brakes Disc
Front Tire120/70-ZR17
Rear Tire190/50-ZR17
Seat Height31.7 in
Curb Weight586 lbs
Wheelbase58.3 in
Fuel Capacity5.3 gal
ElectronicsABS, riding modes
ColorsPearl Glacier White / Metallic Oort Gray, Glass Sparkle Black / Metallic Oort Gray, Marble Daytona Yellow / Glass Sparkle Black
Warranty 12 month unlimited mileage
Tom Roderick
Tom Roderick

A former Motorcycle.com staffer who has gone on to greener pastures, Tom Roderick still can't get the motorcycle bug out of his system. And honestly, we still miss having him around. Tom is now a regular freelance writer and tester for Motorcycle.com when his schedule allows, and his experience, riding ability, writing talent, and quick wit are still a joy to have – even if we don't get to experience it as much as we used to.

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  • Dincontri Italia Dincontri Italia on Jul 09, 2013

    looks amazing

  • Bmwclay Bmwclay on Jul 28, 2013

    A used K1200/K1300 tops out at 172, has luggage and shaft drive along with ESA and weighs 50 lbs less to boot. It too, suffers from 'honest officer, I didn't know I was cruising at 140' syndrome.