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An offshoot of the Yamaha brand, Star Motorcycles was created to better serve its cruiser customers. The Road Star has become the most popular Japanese bike to customize, and its new Roadliner and Stratoliner series has upped the ante in the cruiser market with aluminum frames and meticulous attention to detail, in addition to offering less expensive alternatives.

2012 Yamaha V Star 950 Review

Of the five engines powering Star’s 2012 model lineup, the 942cc Twin of the V Star 950 sits square in the middle. Neither too big nor too small, it’s a proportionate motorcycle a biker-chic version of Goldilocks would consider just right.

2012 Star Raider SCL Review

Neither the Raider nor the Raider S is a new model for 2012, however the Raider platform is the progenitor for Star Motorcycle’s new Star Custom Line series of limited editions.

2012 Yamaha and Star Motorcycles Model Preview

As the 2012 model year arrives and the economy is struggling to pick itself up, Yamaha and its cruiser line, Star Motorcycles, is erring on the side of caution with next year’s street lineup.

2011 Bagger Cruiser Shootout

Baggers are big business these days. We take three of the most prominent players and place them in a 2011 bagger blowout brawl! Read on to see who reigns supreme – Victory’s Cross Country, Harley-Davidson’s Street Glide or Star’s Stratoliner Deluxe.

2011 Star Stryker Review

Star Motorcycles found some success with the big-bore custom-style Raider. Building on the groundwork laid by the Raider, Star saw a perfect opportunity to fill a gap in its mid-size cruiser lineup by creating the Stryker.

2011 Star Stryker Unveiled

Yamaha’s Star Motorcycle division has released details of its latest cruiser, the chopper-styled 2011 Stryker. With its raised steering head, rising peanut fuel tank, and 40 degree front end, the Stryker is Star’s chopper for the 21st century.

2010 Triumph Rocket III Roadster vs. 2010 Star VMax

In a battle between two audacious motorcycles we bring together Triumph’s Rocket Roadster III and the venerable VMax from Star for a monster motor mash-up! Both of these behemoths offer endless gobs of power, but that is where the similarities end.

2010 Star Stratoliner Deluxe Review

It’s good to be a cruiser these days, or more correctly, to be in the business of building cruisers. And as of late the bagger scene has taken off, too. Star takes advantage of this newfound cruiser growth with its Stratoliner Deluxe.

Best of 2009 - Motorcycles of the Year

With so much high-quality product to choose from, culling the field down into our Best Of winners was an arduous task. But that didn't stop us from coming up with our favorite stuff from the class of '09!

2009 Yamaha V-Star 950 Review

Enter the Yamaha V-Star 950, a new cruiser that is appealing for its combination of manageable size, big-bike style and reasonable price. It's an easy-to-use platform for all skill levels, a full-size cruiser feel with comfort, attitude and image.

2009 Yamaha V-Star 950 Review - First Ride

The ’09 Yamaha V-Star 950 fulfills the requirements of most cruiser riders, combining a classy appearance with decent performance and a considerable presence. To do all that with a retail price starting at just $7,890 is impressive to say the least.

2009 Yamaha Motorcycles Released

A new R1, middleweight FZ6R and V-Star cruiser break cover as Yamaha reveals its 2009 line-up. The headlining news is the R1 sportbike with a unique new engine, the new FZ6R middleweight, and 942cc V Star cruiser offer customers more options.

2009 Star V-Max Review/Test

The new VMax muscle cruiser is a reinvention of an icon for Yamaha and Star, retaining its distinctive style and adding huge upgrades in handling. And with a whalloping 200 hp on tap, it's a tire-melting machine of the first order!

2009 Star Motorcycles VMax Preview

The 2009 Star Motorcycles VMax is ridiculous! It’s ridiculously big and it’s ridiculously overpowered. But more than any of that, it’s ridiculously entertaining! Think about this: The Max’s 197 crankshaft horsepower is more than what is in a Lotus Elise!

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