Introducing's 2022 Yamaha MT-10 SP Semi Long Term Bike

Long-term test bikes aren’t something we normally do here at, but when Yamaha’s PR guy Gerrad Capley said I could take the MT-10 SP home after the press intro, it was an offer that was hard to resist. When I asked him how long I could have it, he basically shrugged his shoulders and winked. “Can I modify it?” I asked. “Only if you give it back to us in stock form,” he said. Just like that, I dashed away with an MT-10 SP for an indefinite amount of time. Nice.

If you bothered to read deep into the comments section of my 2022 Yamaha MT-10 SP First Ride review, you might have seen that I was going to do something like this. I suppose putting it in writing with its own post makes it official. The plan is to put some miles on it, obviously, but also to add some bang-for-the-buck modifications to really extract the most out of it without getting too crazy. I also don’t want to price this thing into the category of some of its European competitors, which in stock form would still be better than the MT anyway. And since the bike is predominantly going to be in my hands, it’s going to see a life filled with racetrack miles to go along with the miles spent on the freeway and canyons. But since the MT will be ridden in between other test bikes floating around here at MO, don’t expect to see mega miles or maintenance along the way. Although, if the bike does require any unplanned repairs, that’ll be noted in future installments. 

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2022 Lance Cabo 125 Review
Eight horses may be enough when you only weigh 218 pounds, look good, and have a winning personality.

Editor Score: 85.5%

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Church of MO: 2012 BMW G650GS Sertao Review

To tell you the truth, in all the excitement, I don’t remember if I ever rode a 2012 BMW G650GS Sertao or not? Most of BMW’s attempts at middleweight adventure have been forgettable that way. But the Sertao actually comes off pretty okay in Pete’s review. And now there’s a gaping hole in BMW’s current line-up between the F750GS (which is 853 cc, don’t ask) and the rank beginner G310 GS. In any case, it sounds like a good day at the RawHyde Academy and another solid day’s work for Kevin Wing.

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2022 SYM Fiddle IV Scooter Review - First Ride

I’m accustomed to begging scooters from the Big Four, from the companies I know – Kawasaki excluded since they don’t make a scooter – and hanging onto them as long as I can. You’d be surprised. But Honda may be sore after I crashed that last ADV150 while testing its tires over railroad tracks, even though I offered to buy it (at a discount, since it was crashed). Come to think of it, they may even be still sore about the Metropolitan we crashed in our 2002 Scooter Smackdown. Some of these huge corporations have impressively long memories, but atrocious short-term ones. Yamaha has no scooters in the current test fleet (frightening), and Suzuki has no Burgman 200s. Dunno what’s become of Kymco? There’s no love from Vespa.

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2023 BMW M 1000 R Review - First Ride

Nothing succeeds like excess – and by concocting the 2023 M 1000 R (or “MR” as they’d like us to call it), BMW is doing its best to confirm the truth of that axiom in a two-wheeled context.

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2023 BMW R NineT 100 Years and R 18 100 Years Editions First Look

BMW Motorrad is commemorating its 100th anniversary with the release of Special Heritage editions of the R nineT and R18. BMW will produce 1,923 units of each model, recognizing the debut of the brand’s first motorcycle, the R 32, in September 1923 at the German Motor Show in Berlin.

Both models come with a number of chrome and Option 719 parts, including some milled pieces and several paint-on-chrome surfaces. The use of chrome recognizes its historical use in motorcycles, particularly from the 1920s and onwards.

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2023 Kawasaki KLX230 S Review - First Ride

Entry level dual-sport has for a very long time existed in the void between categories, particularly when you consider folks who are shorter in the inseam. We all need to start somewhere, but for most who did not grow up riding, or maybe started exclusively on street motorcycles, the reality is that the entry-level engine size is often combined with the inability to comfortably touch the ground at a stop. That’s enough to deter all but the most stubborn of vertically challenged riders. Kawasaki is hoping to change this with the 2023 Kawasaki KLX230 S.

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2023 KTM 890 Adventure Review - First Ride

Portugal is a great place to visit for a number of reasons, but it’s particularly accommodating for those who do it in the dirt. Compared to the rest of Europe, Portugal’s tolerance of off-road motorcycle riding knows nearly no bounds. It’s an excellent place for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. Serpentine paved roads connect dozens of dirt paths just waiting to be explored – and I was fortunate enough to do just that on the 2023 KTM 890 Adventure.

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Honda Reveals First Look of Electric Motorcycle – With a Parade Float

It’s been a couple of months since Honda outlined its electric motorcycle plans, which included a mix of mopeds, scooters and three large-sized “Fun EVs” destined for North America by 2024 and 2025. The initial announcement included a teaser image of two motorcycles and a scooter.

Today, Honda released another glimpse of a future electric motorcycle in, of all places, a rendering of its float for the 2023 Rose Parade.

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Old Dog, New Tricks: Tackling The LA-Barstow To Vegas Dual-Sport Ride

Let’s be honest, dual-sport motorcycles aren’t really designed for touring, despite my best efforts ( here and here). The bikes are merely street-legal dirt bikes without much accommodation for creature comfort. So, spending 220-ish miles flat in the saddle from Las Vegas, NV to Palmdale, CA, mostly on Interstate 15, is a platform for cataloging discomforts, and after riding approximately 360 miles, mostly off road over the two previous days, my aches-and-pains were legion. Still, with sore muscles from my arms all the way down to the arches of my feet, why did I spend most of my time grinning as I cranked out the miles? I’d finally participated in the LA-Barstow To Vegas Dual-Sport Ride, an event that had intrigued me for over 25 years, which is 23 years longer than I have been actively riding in the dirt. Achieving life goals is always good, but somehow the physically-challenging ones accomplished after the half-century mark are even sweeter. 

MO Touring: Building A Lightweight Adventure Bike

MO Touring: Building A Lightweight Adventure Tourer – Part 2

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Church of MO: 2003 Buell XB9S

Time keeps on tickin’, tickin’, into the future. Twenty years ago, though, a happy harmonic convergence had me and my 8-year old son on the same wavelength when it came to two-wheeled toys. The new Buell XB-9S was at the top of my list; a Razor scooter was at the top of his. Later, we learned what might have been if Erik Buell’s turbocharger plan hadn’t been last-minute aborted by the higher-ups at H-D. But even in its normally aspirated state, I still remember the 9S being a complete hoot. Luckily, Erik Buell is still out there swinging away; it sounds like the Fuell Flow is ready for prime time.

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BMW R12 Trademark May Be for an R NineT Successor

Earlier this year, reports emerged that BMW had filed trademark applications for “R12”, with many predicting the name would be used on a new cruiser. The logic made sense, as the naming structure was similar to the R18, and BMW lacked a cruiser model in the 1200-ish range. We were a little less bullish on that theory at the time, and we suspected there was more to the story. And now, new evidence has emerged that may justify our skepticism.

The evidence is a new trademark application BMW filed in Germany for “R12 S”, for use on “motorcycles and their parts.” The application was filed on Oct. 18 or a little more than a year after BMW filed for the name “R12”. Historically, the “S” at the end of a BMW model name is reserved for sport models, with a lineage including the R 69 S, R 90 S, and R 100 S as the earliest examples. Over time, BMW has offered a K 75 S, K 1200 S and F 800 S, while its Boxer-engined R models included the R 1100 S from 1998-2005 and the R 1200 S in 2006 and 2007.

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MV Agusta Owner Timur Sardarov Interview

It was the talk of last week’s 2022 EICMA Show: MV Agusta, Italy’s most prestigious and historic manufacturer, winner to date of 270 Grand Prix races, 38 World Riders’ Championships, and 37 World Constructors’ Championships, had supposedly been acquired by KTM. Stefan Pierer, the most powerful man in European motorcycling, had captured his most iconic trophy brand yet, to add to his roster of Euro-marques including KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas. Indeed, according to one supposedly authoritative source, he’d be sealing the takeover deal with MV’s current owner, Russian entrepreneur Timur Sardarov, on the Thursday before the Valencia GP, November 3. This would permit him to announce at the final race of the 2022 season that MV Agusta would be returning to MotoGP racing in 2023 – albeit as a KTM subsidiary.

Only one thing was wrong: it wasn’t true. What was announced on November 3 was that MV Agusta and Stefan Pierer’s private holding company, Pierer Mobility, had reached an agreement on future strategic cooperation, as a consequence of which KTM AG would acquire a 25.1% stake in MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. According to the press release announcing this acquisition, “Within the framework of this strategic partnership between the two European motorcycle manufacturers, KTM AG, a company of Pierer Mobility, will provide MV Agusta with supply chain support and take over the purchasing. Furthermore, in the course of this cooperation, MV Agusta will partly distribute its product range via Pierer Mobility’s worldwide distribution network.”

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2022 Yamaha MT-10 SP Review - First Ride

Let the record show that, despite my best efforts, Yamaha’s MT-10 was not included in either the street or track portions of our mega seven-way open-class naked bike shootouts last year. I fought for its inclusion but was ultimately denied by the Bossman who wrote it off by saying our field was big enough and it wasn’t going to win anyway. That and we also knew a new one was already on the way.

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2023 Vespa GTS300 Review - First Ride

Although the word “iconic” is tossed around in marketing materials far too frequently, very few means of motorized transport find themselves deserving of the term. Vespa is one of those marques. Much like Xerox was, at one point, what all means of photocopying were called, there was an era in which all scooters were generically referred to as Vespas. While the market has advanced beyond that point, Vespa has had the foresight to retain its ties to the machines that first turned the world’s eyes. Case-in-point, the 2023 Vespa GTS 300 has a profile that is immediately recognizable as an heir to the Italian name. 

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Church of MO: 2012 Triumph Scrambler Review

Now it’s the Triumph Street Scrambler, but 10 years ago it was the Triumph only Scrambler, and it was time to open fire with the Steve McQueen marketing machine. Seems to have worked, really, and Triumph has seen fit since then to update the base Scrambler with a bigger new liquid-cooled Twin that still looks vintage. And its pair of bigger Scrambler 1200s, XE and XC, are truly sublime motorcycles we’d ride anywhere. You?

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The Final Front Tire: Which is Better for Your ADV Bike? 19 or 17-inch?

It all began when our old friend Ken Vreeke returned from a six-day ride in Spain, name-dropping and in love with the BMW S1000XR he’d ridden there. Actually, he rented a GS1250, but also got some time on the XR: Problem is with the ADV bikes, Vreeke complains, even with good tires you run off the edges long before you get any real lean angle. My tires on the rented GS were new, and the front was bald on both sides after a week in Spain. Chasing EB, I kept running out of tire at the precise moment he was grabbing a big mittful of gas and launching away. When I finally got on the XR on the last day, I was shocked at how much throttle you could feed in leaned waaaaay over. I’ve only ridden one modern Superbike – that Kawasaki H2 you brought around – so the XR blew my mind. It was soooooo stuck to the road. 

The EB the Vreekster was chasing was Eric Bostrom, so you can surmise the pace was relatively spirited. It’s generally accepted that ADV bikes with 19-inch front tires are going to be better off pavement, and ones with 17-inch fronts will be better on it. But we’ve never really broken that down before? How much better?

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2023 BMW R 1250 RS First Look

Two weeks ago, BMW announced updates to its R 1250 R roadster. It’s not a big surprise, then, that many of those same updates are coming to the R 1250 RS. And just like the roadster, the updated 2023 R 1250 RS remains at the same MSRP as 2022: $15,695.

Visually, the 2023 BMW R 1250 RS doesn’t look much different from last year’s model. Apart from the new color options, the most discernible difference is the 2023 model’s new LED turn indicators. The bodywork and the chassis are otherwise exactly the same.

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2023 Aston Martin/Brough Superior AMB 001 Pro First Look

OK, even in our hand-laid, calf-leather-clad, carbon fiber chairs, we’re getting pretty punchy here in the EICMA Coverage Center inside the spacious MO Tower on the West Coast VerticalScope Campus. Not even the staff sushi chef and bespoke MO coffee blend can get more than a raised eyebrow from us MOrons at this point, but after two days of sifting through trainloads of press releases for our reader base throughout the solar system, we think we have found a winner! What you have below is a press release that is so horrific that we actually took the time to talk about it. While a couple of Italian releases, with their floral English translations, came close to winning, the ratio of words to actual information of Aston Martin/Brough Superior AMB 001 Pro press release tipped the vacuum-sealed, vibration-isolated, laser-etched titanium scales that we use to consider these awards.

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MV Agusta 921 S First Look

Drawing off a company’s past success is a popular starting point when it comes to future models, and MV Agusta is drawing off its success 50 years ago to guide a new category of motorcycle it hopes to bring to market in the coming years. What you see here is the 921 S concept.

The brainchild of MV Agusta’s Brian Gillen and Stephen Zache, the two looked at the 1973 MV Agusta 750S as the inspiration to build a new motorcycle for the future while still respecting tradition and history. Interestingly, MV’s press materials are quick to point out that the 921S is not intended to be a modern replica of the 750S, but rather a “tribute to that beguiling bike.”

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2023 Bimota BX450 First Look

Heading into EICMA, we were expecting Bimota to announce a new motorcycle based off an existing Kawasaki model. After all, that has been the pattern since Kawasaki acquired a stake in the Italian brand in 2019. Last year, we saw the debut of the Ninja 1000SX-based Bimota KB4 and KB4RC in Milan, and so this year, we expected another new mode.

What we didn’t expect was for the new model to be an enduro competition bike based on Kawasaki’s KX450 models, or more specifically, the KX450X, with its 18-inch rear wheel. Yes, Bimota debuted its first ever dirt bike at EICMA, called the BX450. The two bikes are very similar, with the same engine and frame. The engine casings, in fact, still say Kawasaki, so there’s no mistaking the BX450’s lineage. Even the bodywork is similar, with Kawasaki green swapped with Bimota graphics and the Italian Tricolore.

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MV Agusta Reveals Superveloce 1000 Serie Oro

MV is leaning hard into its heritage with this, the Superveloce 1000 Serie Oro, the latest – and arguably most stunning – addition to the neo-retro family that started with the Superveloce 800. In typical MV fashion, the Superveloce 1000 lives up to the brand’s “Motorcycle Art” mantra, but does so with functional technical and stylistic solutions.

Based on the Brutale 1000 RR and retaining its frame, single-sided swingarm, and obviously its engine, MV’s design team then went to work wrapping it in all new skin that pays homage to the past while looking squarely at the future. Stylistically, the SV 1000 draws its inspiration from MV’s own 500cc Grand Prix bike of 1972, significant in the fact it was the first GP bike to sport front wings for downforce – long before the trend became popular in modern-day MotoGP.

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2023 Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 First Look

Royal Enfield announced a new cruiser model featuring the 648cc Parallel-Twin engine that also powers the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. The new Super Meteor 650, and the Super Meteor 650 Grand Tourer variant,

The air-cooled engine claims an output of 46.4 hp at 7,250 rpm and 38.6 lb-ft. at 5,650 rpm, which are about the same peak figures claimed by the other 650 models, but the Super Meteor gets there a little higher on rev range. We’d have to see a dyno chart to be sure, but we suspect the changes were made to create a broader torque curve.

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2023 Indian Challenger Elite First Look

You know who you are: You love the Indian Challenger, but it just quite isn’t enough for you. You want something super exclusive. Well, Indian’s got good news for you. Today, Indian unveiled the 2023 Challenger Elite. The name alone should tell you it’s something special, but as usual, it’s all in the details.

First, a number: 150. That’s how many Challenger Elites will be manufactured – in the world. Second, there’s the exclusive Sapphire Blue Smoke Paint with Black Smoke and Titanium Metallic Smoke Accents, which was hand-laid by angels and fanned dry with their wings. Third, the Elite is based on a strong bagger package. The PowerPlus engine peaks at a claimed 122 hp at the crank and 128 lb-ft of torque. All of this is controlled via three selectable ride modes. Other performance features include an electronically adjustable rear suspension preload from Fox. The rider can see further down the road with the adaptive LED Headlight and LED driving lights. Comfort features, like an adjustable flare windscreen, Select floorboards, and heated grips, help you settle in for the long haul. Next, come the premium electronics, with cruise control and 6.5” Powerband Audio with Saddlebag Speakers to keep the scenery scrolling on by underneath the new Precision Cut five-spoke wheels.

If this description has your palms sweaty, and you want to be certain nobody at your local bike night will have a Challenger that looks like yours, the 2023 Indian Challenger Elite might just be for you.

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2023 MV Agusta Ampelio First Look

While many riders think of MV Agusta as solely being focused on high performance motorcycles, a quick look through the internet time machine will reveal MV scooters in the 1950s. A closer inspection will reveal a family resemblance to the 2023 MV Agusta Ampelio unveiled today in Milan. Drawing on inspiration from the CGT and Ovunque scooters of the past, MV had Russian designer Maksim Ponomarev interpret the 70 year old models with a modern flair, and once viewed by MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov, the project was undertaken. 

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2023 Honda EM1 E: Electric Scooter First Look

Honda is one of several manufacturers showing off shiny e-scooters slated for 2023 release, and the 2023 Honda EM1 e: looks pretty nice. Destined for Europe (at least initially, we hope), the EM1 e: is one of the 10 motorcycle models that the manufacturer has pledged to release by 2025, with the company’s other stated goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 hanging in the balance. The e-scooter’s name is derived from Electric Moped, and it is aimed at younger potential riders looking for stylish, fun urban transportation (which explains the Euro release). Perhaps the most notable design point – other than its modern styling – is the use of the Honda Mobile Power Pack e:. This removable power pack allows for easy charging or away from the scooter. Honda claims that the “Mobile Power Pack (MPP) is designed to withstand different temperatures, humidity levels, impacts and vibrations.”

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2023 Indian FTR Sport First Look

Indian Motorcycle revealed a new FTR Sport model that replaces the FTR S in its 2023 lineup. The FTR Sport slots in under the FTR R Carbon but above the FTR Rally and the base FTR.

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2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE/V-Strom 800DE Adventure First Look

The Suzuki V-Strom line is a storied one that most riders are quite familiar with, but today in Milan, Suzuki opened the next chapter: the 2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE. While the entire bike is worthy of attention, the showstopper for the new Storms is the 766cc parallel-Twin engine. The V-Twin that gives the Strom part of its name has been assigned to the history books. So, let’s take a look at what makes this V-Strom a next generation Strom.

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Kawasaki Reveals Electric, Hybrid and Hydrogen-Powered Prototypes

After presenting an electric prototype last month at Intermot, Kawasaki revealed a range of electric, hybrid, and hydrogen-powered prototypes at EICMA.

The alternative energy models are part of Kawasaki’s efforts to reach carbon neutrality, with production models expected to launch in the next two to three years.

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2023 Suzuki GSX-8S First Look

At long last, the spiritual successor to Suzuki’s wildly popular SV650 (but not the actual successor, the SV is still staying in the Suzuki lineup) is finally here. Say hello to the GSX-8S, a motorcycle Suzuki says was “engineered from the ground up as an innovative path for future Suzuki sportbikes…”

While we all process what that means for Suzuki’s future, let’s delve into the present day and take a closer look at Suzuki’s new middleweight naked bike. Unlike a lot of Suzuki’s lineup over the past few years (decades?), the GSX-8S is an all-new, ground-up design that some might argue is what the Gladius should have looked like all along. But I digress. Styling-wise, Suzuki’s design team operated on three key terms: “New Era,” “Visual Structure,” and “Icon.” We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether the team succeeded. What we can tell is that the angular and forward-focused design is fresh and modern and should appeal to many riders. The stacked LED lighting is compact and ties in with the rest of the bike’s sharp edges.

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2023 Honda CL500 First Look

Honda is adding a new model to its 500 platform, introducing a retro-inspired CL500 street scrambler.

The new CL brings back a nameplate Honda used in the ’60s and ’70s for lightweight off-road capable motorcycles. The modern interpretation draws on that heritage with the upswept muffler with stainless steel heat shield, round tank with tank pads, and gaitered forks.

“We developed the CL500 as a machine that truly allow its owners to stand out from the crowd, and as a form of self-expression. It can be used and enjoyed casually – without hesitation – by the young generation in their daily lives and is designed to become a joyful and integral part of a lifestyle, says Hiroshi Furuse, Large Project Leader for the CL500. In standard form, the off-road street style has a visual charm unlike any other model in the Honda range, and can really inspire owners to take it further in any direction they wish.”

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2023 Vespa GTV First Look

With its distinctive “faro basso” (low headlight), the Vespa GTV has been turning traditionalist heads since 2006. Today, in Milan, the 2023 Vespa GTV was unveiled. While retaining the profile that put the vintage into the GTV, it has clearly been updated to modern standards.

The GTV has always been a classic design, thanks to its tubular handlebar and front fender-mounted headlight, but now, it gets a dose of modernness in the form of the 300 hpe (High Performance Engine), fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, 4-valved Single. Rated at 23.8 hp, this scooter will have the power to get you through most urban environments in vintage style while incorporating ASR electronic traction control and ABS to protect you when traction is limited.

While the instrumentation retains its classic round shape, it is a fully digital LCD item. Riders will have maximum speed, average speed, instant consumption, average consumption, range, and battery charge status all at their fingertips on this flexible screen. Additionally, the GTV can take full advantage of the optional Vespa MIA connectivity system, which can display a smartphone’s call, message, and music notifications on the go. The electronic fob means that fumbling for your key is as vintage as the GTV’s style. Instead, just turn the power button and go.

The saddle can comfortably hold two people and features a two-toned construction to match the Beige Avvolgente Opaco color scheme.

If this has whet your appetite, read the full release below.





From its birth in 2006, Vespa GTV has been the ambassador of purest classicism within the Vespa family thanks to the use of the “faro basso” (low headlamp), positioned on the front mudguard, and the exposed metal tubular handlebar, stylistic throwbacks to the most iconic models.

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2023 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber Special Edition First Look

Bobber fans should take note of the 2023 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber Special Edition. For the new model year, Moto Guzzi has decided to dress the popular bike up with some special finishing touches. The most obvious addition is the blacked out look of all of the rolling gear. To that is added a two-tone black/grey paint scheme. The bar-end mirrors add a custom look comes straight from the factory, as do the factory slip-ons.

Read the full release:




V9 Bobber is the sporty custom from Moto Guzzi that introduced the medium engine size bobber category. It’s a bike with a huge and authentic personality and a minimalistic style, characterized by the almost entirely total black look of every component and by large, oversize tires that ensure abundant contact on the ground, just like the ones mounted on the motorcycles in the second post-war American era that raced on fast dirt tracks, leading to the bobber phenomenon.

And it is precisely this authentic sporty heritage that characterizes the V9 Bobber Special Edition, the new special series from Moto Guzzi with a nocturnal look that stands out with its truly unique equipment package.

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2023 Piaggio 1 E-Scooter Range First Look

Urban riders understand the utility of e-scooters, and the Piaggio 1 is a prime example of the genre. Today, Piaggio announced the 2023 Piaggio 1 line of e-scooters, with three members for a variety of uses. The first two, the Piaggio 1 and 1+ are considered mopeds and are speed-limited to 28 mph with a range of 34 miles and 60 miles, respectively. For e-riders who want a more scooterish experience, the Piaggio 1 Active bumps the performance to 37 mph and a range of 53 miles. All of the Piaggio 1 models feature a removable battery for easy charging.

Read the full release:




Piaggio 1, the e-scooter for urban mobility from Piaggio, arrives at EICMA in a new, higher performance version for 2023 with the goal of ensuring even quicker, easier, and safer commuting.

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2023 Aprilia RS660 Extrema First Look

Aprilia is celebrating the success of the RS660 worldwide (and claiming it’s the best-selling sportbike in Europe) with this – the RS660 Extrema, the sportiest version of the RS660 family. The name is modeled after that of the Aprilia 125 Extrema, one of the highest-performing and fastest eighth-liter bikes ever, manufactured from 1992 to 1994.

The highlight feature of the Extrema is the SC Project exhaust system, which now exits on the right side of the bike instead of underneath it on the standard RS660. A black aluminum anodized exhaust bracket replaces the stock passenger pegs, thus saving weight. Further weight reduction comes from the carbon fiber front fender and bellypan. The single-seat tail fairing replaces the passenger seat (which, when shaped like that, probably doesn’t see much use anyway). When all is said and done, Aprilia says the RS660 Extrema tips the scales at 366 lbs (166 kg).

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Aprilia Looks To The Future With The ELECTRICa Project

This supermoto-ish-looking thing is Aprilia‘s “vision of mobility for the youngest riders of the near future.” So, forget Millenials or even Gen Z, this Aprilia ELECTRICa project is aimed at Generation Alpha – a cohort of kids who, at the oldest end of the spectrum, are currently in junior high school.

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2023 Honda XL750 Transalp First Look

Honda has brought back the Transalp name with the new XL750 Transalp, a middleweight adventure-tourer powered by the Parallel-Twin engine introduced on the Hornet CB750.

Join the Honda Transalp Forum

The Transalp name was first introduced on a 583cc V-Twin model in 1986, before gaining larger 647cc and 680cc versions. The new 2023 Honda XL750 Transalp fills the mid-sized adventure bike slot in Honda’s lineup, sliding in below the CRF1100L Africa Twin and providing more off-road capability than the NC750X and CB500X.

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2023 Yamaha Tracer 7 and Tracer 7 GT First Look

This just in from Yamaha Europe, whether this applies Stateside remains to be seen:

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2023 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT and Tracer 9 GT+ First Look

For 2023, Yamaha has gone crazy with the new Tracer 9 GT+ and thrown every bit of technology it could think of at the bike. Now sitting atop Yamaha’s sport-touring mountain as the flagship for the brand – taking the place of the dearly departed FJR1300, which has been out of production for a few years – the Tracer 9 GT+, with its multitude of electronic rider aids, will help make the sport-touring experience as stress-free as possible.

The new Tracer 9 GT+ integrates “cutting edge” electronics, says Yamaha, with the two big headliners being Adaptive Cruise Control and the radar-linked Unified Brake System – both of which utilize millimeter wave radar technology as well as an IMU.

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2023 Yamaha Niken GT First Look

This just in from Yamaha Europe, whether this applies Stateside remains to be seen:

For 2023, Yamaha has updated the Niken in just about every area of the bike. The high points include the engine, TFT functionality, and suspension. Since the company considers the Niken to be “one of Yamaha’s most sophisticated Sport Tourers,” the emphasis on improving the quality of the rider’s experience should come as no surprise.

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2023 Honda Rebel 1100T First Look

As we reported last month, Honda is introducing a new bagger version of the Rebel 1100. The 2023 Honda Rebel 1100T adds a fork-mounted fairing and color-matched hard panniers. For the U.S., the bagger model will only be offered with DCT, while some markets may offer a manual transmission option.

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Next-Gen 2023 Ducati Scrambler First Look

Ducati revealed its new “Next-Gen” 803cc Scrambler lineup, featuring new styling, a new ride-by-wire throttle, a 4.3-inch TFT display, and an updated chassis. For 2023, Ducati will offer three 803cc Scramblers: the Icon, the Full Throttle, and the Nightshift. The 1100 Scrambler range will also return, unchanged, with three models: the Scrambler 1100 Dark Pro, Tribute Pro, and Sport Pro.

Sticking with the 803cc models, the new styling doesn’t stray too far from the Scrambler formula. The steel fuel tank has been redesigned, now with an interchangeable cover that can be swapped out along with the fenders and headlight detail for a customized look.

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Showdown: Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX Vs Suzuki GSX-S1000GT+

It seems like all the splash lately has been about the ADV category and all the wonderful things they can do and destinations they can reach. We’re not going to deny adventure bikes their time in the sun, either. They’re definitely fun and capable bikes worthy of all the bandwagoning.

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Triumph Announce New Street Triple Lineup For 2023

Triumph has announced a shakeup to its ever-popular Street Triple range today, introducing not one, but three evolutions to the family, creating what it says is “the most powerful Street Triple range ever.” Building off the success it has forged by being the sole engine supplier for the Moto2 racing category, Triumph now introduces the Street Triple R, Street Triple RS, and the Street Triple 765 Moto2 Edition – the latter of which will be relegated to just 765 units worldwide.

Unlike Honda, whose CBR600RR engine was the basis of the Moto2 category during its birth, Triumph has used the racing category to advance the 765cc three-cylinder engine shared between the race bikes and production bikes. The latest Street Triple range is the beneficiary of those advancements.

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2023 Yamaha Tenere 700 First Look

Yamaha Motor Europe announced updates to the Ténéré 700, giving the middleweight ADV bike a TFT display, smartphone connectivity, a new ABS mode and other small updates. As of this writing, the 2023 Ténéré 700 has not been announced for the U.S., though we expect to receive official news soon. The Ténéré 700 Rally Edition variant offered in Europe (pictured below with the Heritage White livery) also received the same updates, but we don’t expect that it will be offered on these shores.

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Church of MO: 2012 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Custom Review

Someone’s not done bitchin’ in the kitchen ’bout Dyna; when H-D dropped the twin-shock classic after 2017, there was more than a little wailing and gnashing of gears. The first Dyna rolled out in 1991 in the form of the FXDB Sturgis, which I think is the one I rode to Sturgis. Ten years ago, Pete and Fonzie rode the FXDC Super Glide. If you want one, expect to pay about the same $12,999 you would’ve in 2012. Which feels like a million years ago.

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2023 Ducati Diavel V4 – First Look

Ducati announced a brand new Diavel V4, replacing the previous 1,262cc V-Twin model with one powered by its 1,158cc V4 Granturismo engine.

The Diavel is the latest Ducati model to go from two to four cylinders, leaving the XDiavel and Scrambler 1100 as the only two Ducati models larger than 1,000cc to remain with a Twin. It now seems likely we’ll see an XDiavel V4 for 2024, while we should get some idea of the future of the Scrambler family on Nov. 7.

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Yamaha Trademarks Logos for YZF-R9

Ever since we first uncovered evidence of a YZF-R7 based on the MT-07, people started to ask when Yamaha would do the same to the MT-09 and release an YZF-R9 sportbike using the same 890cc Crossplane Triple. The questions picked up a few months later when we dug up trademark filings for a whole range of model names from an R2 to an R9.

With the 2023 model launch season in full swing, and EICMA less than two weeks away, we’ve got more fuel for the old rumor engine with two new Yamaha filings, this time for figurative trademarks for “R9” and “YZF-R9.” The trademarks were filed Oct. 17 with Australia’s IP office, for use with “Motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, three-wheeled motorcycles, three-wheeled motor scooters, three-wheeled mopeds and parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.”

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2023 BMW R 1250 R – First Look

BMW announced minor updates to its R 1250 R, giving the Boxer-engined roadster a full LED headlight, and making some previously optional electronics standard, all while keeping the price unchanged at $14,995.

Visually, the 2023 BMW R 1250 R looks similar to the previous model. The most noticeable change is the new LED headlight, which can be upgraded to an optional adaptive turning light. The turn signals are now also LEDs, and come with an updated version of BMW’s Comfort Turn self-cancelling function.

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Limited Production 2023 KTM RC 8C – First Look

KTM announced updates for its RC 8C sportbike, including a reworked, more powerful engine, a new exhaust, updated electronics, and the latest WP suspension. Produced once more with the help of Krämer Motorcycles, the RC 8C will have a limited run of 200 numbered units, with a suggested retail price of US$39,599.

The most significant updates are with the 889 cc engine, with new, lightweight titanium valves and connecting rods, plus forged pistons using a new two-ring system (versus the previous three piston rings). The pistons are now lighter, reducing oscillating masses, while also allowing KTM to increase the rev limit to 12,000 rpm.

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Triumph Unveils The 10-Bike Chrome Collection

Nobody does modern classics quite like Triumph, and today, the famed British marque is taking full advantage of its position within the modern classic space by unveiling its new, 10-bike strong limited edition Chrome collection of motorcycles. How limited? Each bike will only be available for one year.

Not quite a mid-year refresh, the Chrome collection is simply a stunning change to the visual appearance of each motorcycle without any mechanical differences or changes. And with the collection of bikes getting the chrome treatment, go-fast updates really aren’t important anyway. After the popular response Triumph received for its Gold Line of limited edition motorcycles in 2022, the Hinckley marque carried that momentum forward with the Chrome line for the 2023 model year (with strong hints that more special collections will come in the years to follow). The Chrome collection includes eight models from the Bonneville family and two from the Rocket 3 family.

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The Falloon Files: 1973 BMW R90S

In 1973, I was beginning to look at the streetbike magazines as well as the dirtbike ones on the magazine rack at Lyons Drug; there must’ve been 20 or 30 of them, and plenty of time to browse as there was no www, and very little hope of obtaining any motorcycle at all anytime soon. The 1973 BMW R90S was a chunk of pure unobtanium, from a planet far, far away, that knocked my striped tube socks completely off. Ian Falloon wrote an entire 128-page book about it.

Some motorcycles redefine the perception of a marque. Prior to the release of the R90S at the end of 1973, BMW motorcycles were considered stodgy, conservative, and plainly unexciting. A BMW was great for hauling sidecars or undertaking long distance cross-country trips, but it was hardly a sports bike. If you were younger than forty it simply wasn’t cool to be seen on a BMW but the R90S changed that. In its day the R90S provided unsurpassed on-the-road performance, but even more significant than the performance was its style. The R90S was the first production motorcycle to feature a factory-fitted fairing as standard equipment. And if the café-racer look wasn’t enough to make the R90S stand out from the crowd the paint scheme was. Early examples came in smoke black, and from 1975 Daytona Orange was an option. With hand-painted pin striping and a horrendous price tag there was just nothing else like the R90S at the time. This was the motorcycle that epitomised the era. An emphasis on style was in ascendance, and the R90S was marketed as a luxury accessory for the new breed of affluent motorcyclist.

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World Superbike to Raise Price Cap on Production Race Bikes

When Ducati revealed the 2023 Panigale V4 R last week, we raised an eyebrow when we saw its $44,995 price tag. As we noted in our First Look article, this exceed the price cap to be eligible for World Superbike racing. According to 2022 regulations, sport production machines were capped to a price of €40k, and the previous Panigale V4 R fit snugly below that price cap. The 2023 model, however, comes in at €43,990 in Ducati’s home market, Italy. We figured another shoe had to drop.

And drop it did, mere days after the Panigale reveal. To the surprise of absolutely noone, the Superbike Commission announced changes to the World Championship regulations, including an increase to the price cap on homologated production models. The announcement, which can be read in full here, includes this paragraph:

“Due to the global economic situation and the recorded inflation, the FIM wished to consider the
cost evolutions of production machines for 2023. A general proposal for a maximum percentage
of increase of the maximum retail price of homologated production models was approved. The
exact amounts and percentages will be published at a later stage.”

As the announcement notes, the exact amount of the increase will be announced later, but we think it’s safe to assume the new price cap will be €44,000, or 10 euros more than the Panigale V4 R’s price.

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2023 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello S Review - First Ride

Only three motorcycle manufacturers in the world can claim to have been in continuous production for more than 100 years, and Moto Guzzi is one of them. When it comes time to make a historic transformation to the brand, that change carries a lot of weight on its shoulders. With the Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello, the manufacturer alludes – twice – to that long history in the name alone. First, the V100 honors the century of production and maintains form with past naming conventions, while the last part of the name refers to Mandello del Lario, where all Moto Guzzi motorcycles have been made since 1921. When looking at the V100 for the first time, the Moto Guzzi lineage is unmistakable. So, where’s the risk?

Moto Guzzi Teases V100 Mandello And Reveals Plans For New Factory

2022 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello First Look

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2023 Ducati Streetfighter V4, V4 S, and V4 SP2 First Look

Did we really need the Ducati Streetfighter V4 to be even trickier and more refined than the one that won last year’s Open Nakeds Shootout with ease? The one that out-horsepowered even the mighty Kawasaki Z H2 – 177 rear-wheel horses to 163? Actually there was room for improvement, as the mighty V4 S finished third in the Track portion of that seven-bike slugfest. But hey, if it’s a track bike you want, maybe you should just go ahead and get the Panigale. Nay, the Streetfighter is the stripped-down street version, and as such we were all bowled over by not just its scintillating performance, but maybe even more by its unexpected boulevard civility. Like having your cake and riding it too.

Never content, however, Ducati’s upped the Streetfighter’s game for 2023, including addition of a new V4 SP2 model. Extensive electronic upgrading follows the path laid down by the latest Panigale, along with new simplified graphics to control it all, descended from the racing Desmosedici. New Engine Brake Control (EBC) EVO 2 software is said to make cornering even swifter and safer, new Ducati Quickshifter calibration has been refined. We didn’t even complain about the heat before, but a new cooling fan strategy is now in place to offer “greater thermal comfort for the rider already at typical road use speeds.” Ahhhhh. There’s plenty more where that came from.

Pity the person who can’t be content unless they have the very best: The new Streetfighter V4 SP2 gets special Winter Livery Paint, carbon fiber wheels, and other exotic bobs and bits not the least of which is that holy of Bologna holies, a dry clutch. 

Start wheedling now, Streetfighter V4 and V4 S models will be available in Ducati dealerships starting from January 2023, while the V4 SP2 version will arrive starting from March 2023. Read on, in the Queen’s English, for the full glorious scoop.

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More Evidence of a Harley-Davidson Pan America 975 Emerges

Earlier this year, we wrote about how signs of a Pan America 975 were mistakenly mentioned in an official Harley-Davidson web page for an accessory locking fuel cap. Up until shortly after our article went live, the page listed the fuel cap as being compatible with the RA1250 (Pan America 1250) and RA1250S (Pan America 1250 Special) as well as two unannounced models: the RA975 and RA965S, which we assumed to be Pan America models powered by the 975cc version of the Revolution Max engine, like the one equipped on the Nightster. has now obtained further evidence of the existence of middleweight versions of Harley-Davidson’s adventure-tourer, once again from Harley itself, as well as the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The proof comes via official installation instructions for a pair of accessory mirrors designed for Revolution Max models. The ’66 Collection Round Mirrors and Empire Mirrors (available in black anodized or anodized with machine-milled highlights) are designed to fit all RevMax models, including the Pan America 1250, Pan America 1250 Special, Sportster S, and Nightster. For most markets, including the U.S., the installation instructions specify additional steps for “for all models except RA1250S”, which is the model code for the Pan America 1250 Special. These added steps are necessary because the non-Pan America models (i.e. the Sportster S and Nightster) come with bar-end mirrors and require installing handlebar mounts for the accessory mirrors.

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Church of MO: 2012 Literbike Streetfighter Shootout - With Video!

Ten years ago, Tommy, Trizzle, and the Duke were feeling their oats as they manned about town on a trio of naked torpedoes. “When it came to forming a mental picture of riding one or the other, we also agreed the sexy Speed Triple will pick up more chicks than the Aprilia. The Tuono’s manufacturer claimed it was for  “the rider who, given the chance, would use a race bike just to go for a coffee.” Meanwhile, the MV Agusta’s combination of short wheelbase and mid-range torque keeps the Brutale’s front wheel in the air, aided by the shortest overall ratios in the first two gears. `It leaps off the line like a hot poker was stuck up its gorgeous pipes,’ raves Duke… “for those who appreciate its tight tolerances, beauty of design, historical namesake and can disregard the practicality of purchasing the other bikes, the Brutale remains an appealing and exotic Italian option.” Picking a winner was, as always, a fight to the end.

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2023 Ducati Panigale V4 R First Look

After a one week delay due to “organizational reasons,” Ducati released the fourth part of its 2023 World Première series, “This is Racing”. To the surprise of absolutely no one, the subject of the episode is the new 2023 Ducati Panigale V4 R. We knew the V4 R would represent the pinnacle of Ducati’s racing development, so we eagerly awaited the official details.

And the information is as eye-popping as we expected. It starts with an MSRP of $44,995, a big jump from the $40k price of the previous Panigale V4 R, and what we thought was a 40,000 Euro price cap on World Superbike-eligible motorcycles.

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2022 Kawasaki KLX140 R L Review

The universal truth about children is that you feed them, and they grow. So, after an extended time with the Honda CRF125F, my daughter started to look like a giant on the bike and needed to move up. A year prior, she’d tried the Kawasaki KLX140R L and found it intimidating because she couldn’t easily touch the ground when astride it. Well, adolescence took care of that issue, and along with growing, she expanded her riding skills, making her first reaction to throwing a leg over the KLX one of “Wow, it fits!” before heading off to ride in our favorite desert OHV area. 

Making A Rider: Teaching Your Kid To Ride

2021 Honda CRF125F Review

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2023 BMW M 1000 R - First Look

BMW did it! It answered the calls for a naked version of its flagship sportbike! No, we don’t mean the S 1000 R, we’re talking about this – the 2023 M 1000 R. Inevitably, whenever a new sportbike is introduced, the people who have no interest in racing clamor for a streetable version with all the power, all the electronics, all the badassery, but just with handlebars. For the longest time manufacturers have responded with dumbed-down versions of said sportbikes. Often the frames, suspensions, and even the electronics will be the same (or similar), but the engines are neutered in the interest of what the OEM thinks makes for a better streetbike.

With the 2023 M 1000 R, BMW has finally taken the kid gloves off and is now offering the people what they want – a M 1000 RR without most of the fairings, and a handlebar. The specs for BMW’s “M R” (yes, there’s a space between the letters), the brand’s second M-branded motorcycle behind the M RR reads eerily similar to the full-fledged superbike. We now get the same 205 hp and 83 lb-ft from the 999cc Inline-Four, as well as the same (or similar) electronics, frame, suspension, brakes, carbon wheels (optional), and much more.

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